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pretty fed up with customer service

customer service is difficult to get in contact wtih. by the time i've had my CST morning meeting, i think there is only about 1 hour left in the day to contact customer service and then i have to wait until the next day. for an enterprise account, i expect to be able to contact someone at any time during the work day.

customer service responses usually don't solve my issue. most resonses that i get include a quote that says indirectly, "hey just pay us and we'll fix that". hosting doesn't cost 200 euros, nearly 400 dollars per month - just what are we getting for that large sum of money? we went enterprise so that we could have staibilty and flexibility. where is the flexibility?

i am not able to get reports that i need, for instance, where can i find out the accuracy of my developers' estimates? why can't i data mine within redmine?

13 November 2012

Reply from Planio GmbH


My name is Jan, I am the CEO here at Planio. I thank you for your review, but please let me clarify the situation which you present in an inaccurate way.

It was me answering your support tickets and I remember the situation very well.

As you know, we offer a free 30 day trial with no obligations during which prospect clients can test our services. Only after the 30 days, we ask for payment details in case clients would like to continue using the service.

Every Planio plan comes with very powerful an fine grained reporting tools. They are thoroughly tested and they work the way they should. Your initial request did not concern a bug or problem with Planio, but rather a missing feature or behavior which you seem to require for your organization.

As you know, your company, Moontoast, has tested and used Planio for months before the requirement of additional reporting features has been brought to our attention.

We responded to the feature request and every chat and email promptly and offered to quote for a customized solution based additional requirements.

Unfortunately, you were not very precise in formulating what exactly was needed, so I took on your support case and asked for a more detailed description & screenshot/mockup that could serve as a basis for a quote and a possible implementation. This is a standard procedure for custom feature implementation requests.

You did not respond to that last e-mail of mine which was sent 14 days ago. To be honest, I find it rather unfair to go ahead and post a negative and inaccurate comment here on Trustpilot instead.

We have every intention of helping our clients in the best possible way we can and we go as far as to customize the Planio source code if required. In order for that to be possible, we require a minimum of specification or description of what a customization should look like. A statement like "I think the reporting is weak" is unfortunately not good enough to help us build reporting screens that are better suited to your needs.

If you still require the customization, please respond to my last email. Also take a moment to think about how you would like the reporting feature to be. Maybe mock up a screenshot or describe what you'd like to see on the screen in your own words. Of course, we're also available on the the phone (the number is +1 (415) 523-7718) should you prefer to describe your requirements verbally. We will be happy to provide a quote and implement the new feature for you if possible.


Jan Schulz-Hofen

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