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COMET - Lousy Staff and all done in BAD TASTE IN THE MOUTH

Went into store after purchasing a Russell Hobbs blender it was a display item. This manager even packed in the box and told me they have no more stock since 2 weeks...sounds fishy.

Went home luckily decided to use blender put some fruits to make a smoothie. We have a moulinex blender (5 years old) but is good little noise. When i switched the RH blender theat was the biggest mistake....noise my neighbours would have complained. Sounded like a cement mixer. Neither did it blend all the fruits properly.
Went back to store frantically as it getting late. The sales assistant was told about it and tried it with water....oh it sounds an "opinion" for what its worth from her colleague..she said its not faulty but normal then a customer standing nearby (dressed like a spiv may i add) butted in...sounds normal. Obviously trying to make out it was in a fit state.
However i knew what their game was about ...i made a fuss about it. She asked the same manager and eventually she said oh the lid is loose...we'll exchange it for that reason! Not because of the noise.
To be honest they were pathetic didnt give a damn and made excuses and i am still saddened at what a total loss the customers will suffer. Seing people scrambling to buy ipads, TV, etc they will have a shock if a fault occurs.

Had to wait ages also before anyone came to serve me as they needed someone to refund and exchange on the till....typical Comet lousy in all warned...they deserve everything for their incompetance!

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