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Quick and correct

Ordered, delivered with 48 hours. The right part, good clear descriptions on the website, very helpfull, and at a good price.


Nice camera warranty concerns.

I purchased a Canon G16 from the company, speed of delivery and communication was faultless, it arrived in 2 days. On opening the pack that had been opened I could find no warranty card to register the item with Canon, I tried online and Canon did not recognise the serial number, I contacted the seller and they assured me that the warranty is in force but through them. The item itself is perfect, new, and works as it should, hopefully I will not need to use any warranty, but it feels strange that you dont have that protection.


Halfords auto centre Braintree have no idea what a problem is, or how to FIX IT.

On the 17th July 2013 I was told by my Mechanical Insurance company to take my car into Halfords at Braintree to get my air conditioning repaired, today is the 30th August and my car is still there, UNFIXED.
The manager at the Braintree centre (Mick) every time I phone up tells me the dashboard is in thousands of pieces on the garage floor, I believe it is too complicated for them to put back together, and that servicing takes priority for a quick turn over of cash. I have spoken after complaining with the area manager (Steve from Chelmsford) who told me "Trust us my friend" but I have never met him, how is he my friend? He has not repaired my car.
Since it has been into Braintree I have been told that they do not have the competent staff to reset the system, I have been told that parts are on order, but they are not sure if that will cure the problem, then to top it all I have a voicemail from the centre telling me that as they were putting it back together a few weeks ago they shorted out the control system and had to send it away for repair, a week later they told me it was irrepairable and that a new part had to be ordered, when that arrived I was told that it was incomplete and that they had to retrieve the old part to take certain parts off of it as the new one did not come with them. Last week 23rd August, they phoned me, I asked if my car was ready, I was told the earliest they could give me any idea was next Wednesday 28th August as they had to book it in to Volvo to get the management system reset as they did not have the competence or equipment. On phoning today 30th August six and a half weeks later I was told, When we sent it to Volvo they found a problem in the loop system? and could not reset the in car management, well this was about it, the world should know what is going on within these centres.
I speak with a little authority and some inside knowledge. A few years ago the A.A. purchased the Autocentres from Halfords and used them as there own service centres for AA vehicles. After a while the patrols were up in arms as they knew the attention to detail was not happening and any where near what it would be as expected from our usual repairers, or own A.A. workshops. We ( The A.A.) embarked on a focused training project to get the Halfords staff to what we felt was an acceptable level of competence to deal with the public's vehicles and people.
From most of the reviews I have seen this seems to have gone out of the window since the A.A. relinqueshed ownership of Halfords. I speak as the A.A. Operations manager at the time with all A.A./Halfords service centres from within Kent, Sussex, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Lincoln and Northampton under my direct control with my management team.
Now I am sure there are some mechanical engineers within the group who are highly intellegent and very competent, but are they being held back by the supervisors to turn over cash flow, which they should do for the business the R.O.I. must be at a level to maintain the business, however are they doing it to the detriment of total customer service.
Since my car has been in Halfords I have had to hire vehicles at my expense, take taxi's at my expense, I have all reciepts that so far come to over £800 and that is only starting from the second week that my car was in Halfords Braintree. I will be submitting these claims to Halfords and if required will follow to small claims for recompense of my outlay, as they refused to fund a hire car for my business (Photography) as they said it was not in there remit to do so, I will let the senior management decide, or if they cannot make the decision take it to a court.

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Sales staff not interested after taking monies, Call Cetre as good as chocolate fireguard

I paid for next day delivery and expalined builders were on site, told it would be marked urgent by sales staff and early delivery.
Just before 16:00 I phoned the number to ask where the goods were as the builders had been waiting here all day to fit the units, I hung on the phone for almost ten minutes before being answered, CSA was asked the question pulled up my details and told me the units would be delivered today, we deliver up to 17:30 I tried to explain a bit more they said nothing we can do its with our distribution outlet, and cut me off. Tried ringing the sales team, phone answered on first ring (strange that isnt it? sales always manage to get to the phones so quick but CSA's have no urgency) asked the question of the sales person who told me he could not help me, different computor system, try ringing our customer help line, no interest at all, not taking money or commision maybe. Called the CS line again another ten minute wait, and same answer, although by now I was getting a bit annoyed, but still it will be with you before 17:30, it did arrive just as the builders were packing up after sitting around drinking tea and listening to the radio all day, while I was paying the two of them. They were booked in to fit the shower, toilet and basin that day, they cannot come back now until next monday, in the meantime I have had deadline emails telling me that if I do not report any problems with the consigment within 5 days then I have no claim if any of it is damaged, its still in its boxes awaiting he buiders so if there is damage its not going to get replaced as deadline has passed, let company know this no sympathy at all.
Cheap units actually really bargain prices, but the cost isnt everything, service from the staff would take this company a lot further, and that does not cost anything.

09 November 2012

Reply from Better Bathrooms UK LTD

Thank you so much for your feedback; it is very much appreciated.
At Better Bathrooms we constantly strive for customer excellence and I was sorry to learn of the problems you have experienced with your recent order.
I have arranged for a Team Manager to call you this evening.
Thank you for your business, we appreciate the feedback.

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