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Cash My Fone

Not impressed!

Sent my excellent condition Sony Xperia Arc to them! However noticed that they did price match just after I submitted my order. And also found a competitor that offered quite a bit more for my handset! Phoned up to get price match done but was advised by rep after she spoke to her manager, "That they only did price match for brand new phones!"

Checked on their website but there was nothing to state this on their terms or conditions. Indeed it confirmed what I thought, that the price match applied to all handsets!

So not impressed with wrong, misleading & you could even say dishonest advice, especially from a supposed manager! Rang them back to complain & this time they did agree to price match.

However received email shortly after to say they had found problems with my phone, but they were not specific as to what it was! And that they would have to offer 25% less. I rang up to complain as my handset in my opinion was in excellent condition! They said it was for a scratch on the screen! But the scratch must have been extremely minor as I had never noticed anything wrong with the screen myself! And the handset was always kept in a very good quality leather case, to ensure it was always in great condition & protected!

I argued this to no avail & reluctantly accepted the revised offer as I did not feel it cost/time efficient to send it off to someone else recorded delivery again!

Have used [external reference] before with no problems & excellent service! So will just use [external reference] next time & in the future! As although they offered slightly less originally they do at least accept minor/normal wear & tear! And do not then reduce the offered price significantly for any trivial or non existent reasons!

Had I used [external reference] I would have probably received a lot more money for the handset! I won't use Cash My Phone again! Not impressed at all!

Only send them your handset if it is brand new still in the box & unused! Otherwise they would just find fault with it & make big deductions from their offer price!

You are all now enlightened!

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