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Terrible Customer Service and Returns Processing

I purchased 16 mixed boxes of various different designs from GLTC. Having decided that some of the boxes were surplus to our requirments I made use of their free returns process and spent a considerable period of time filling in all of their return forms.

They use a Royal Mail 'Freepost' service which after posting I was informed by GLTC would take two weeks to get back to them (and they weren't joking!). After two weeks when they did finally receive the item back they processed a refund and sent me an email confirming the items they received back - this didn't nearly cover what I had sent back to them and the refund was about £50 short. I made them aware that their refund statement was incorrect and a day later they have 'investigated with their warehouse', and they have added a couple of items to the refund, but they are still over £20 short.

The service I have received in trying to resolve this is rude and aprupt with no genuine apology for their ongoing mistakes (which they still haven't resolved), they simply take the line 'we have 30 days to process a refund'. I don't trust them in the slightest, this simply appears to be either complete incompetance (the items are all in one box with the paperwork listing all items that are returned), or a dishonest attempt to rip me off. One would think that after I had pointed out that it was inaccurate they would manage to get it right second time around, but sadly not - more wasted time for me.

To sum up a poorly run faceless internet business selling overpriced goods, without the values or service to justify the price and certainly doesn't look to act in the best interests of their customers. Certainly no John Lewis philosophy here. Not the sort of retailer you want to have to deal with when things go wrong (which apparently is very frequently!)

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