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Absolutely awful - bad service and even fraud

I'm a customer of myprotein since over half a decade but during the last year it has gone downhill with this company.
First it started with long delivery times, then eventually before xmas a parcel got lost. Instead of dealing with the issue and tracking it, I had to ask the customer service three times before I even got a reply. This went back and forward a few times (which always took about a week from their side since the customer service seemed to work only Sunday afternoons or something ridiculous) before they confirmed that they are going to resend the products.
So they did. About half of them. Goods for about 70 pounds were just not sent. Probably a new profitability initiative or something. But guess what? I noticed!

So I asked them about the products and they just said: We don't have them anymore after apologizing and giving me a 3.95 pound credit note. So... again the same game. Trying to get something out of the useless customer service which only works one day every other leap year before I finally got my money back. Since then I'm trying to get off their mailing lists and ask them to delete my customer data and account, but this has not happened yet.

So to put it in a nutshell:
- They are unreliable
- They try to steal your money
- They keep your customer data for no reason (one may imply some further fraud here - I'm just waiting for it)

The message is: Stay clear! This company used to be OK (not more and not less) but it is not anymore. I used their main competitor all the years as well and never experienced anything similar with them. Take my advice and stay away.

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