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Worst company in the world!!!!

Will never go back to this stupid and rude company!!!! I have bought hell of a lot of product in PC World, and other day bought Ultrabook for home delivery, the ultrabook has been on discount price about £300 off the original price. So I through I got a bargain instead I have headache and nothing. After few days after I had ordered ultrabook, they have sent me email confirming my purchase and CHARGED MY CARD!!!! and after a week sent my second email explaining that item I have purchased is out of stock and I need to wait longer then the promised time-scale. I through to myself OK, I can wait as I did not need an actual item until Christmas time, also I had phoned them up confirming that this item is still coming and will be delivered, women told me that, its all good and the item will be delivered to me as soon as they will receive it. But after another week they have sent me another email saying that order has been cancelled and their is nothing they can do about it. So I have started to argue with them, so then women told me OK, I can reserve it for you at the store and you will collected (P.S. Before I have placed my order, I had checked all local stores and none of them had it.). She had found one store near me which had two in-stock, so she said that she have asked personnel at the store to check it properly, so I would not go there for nothing. She come back to me and said that she has reserved an item and I can go and collect it. I went to the store and GUESS WHAT??? one of this ultrabooks has already been reserved before me and another one was display model, even after a deep clean it had scratches and dirt on it!!!! So I have refused to buy it. Then I have called customer services again and they did and said nothing useful absolutely anything, except the words which the guy kept repeating "WE CAN NOT HELP YOU AND DO ANYTHING IN THIS SITUATION!!!" So typical PC WORLD!!! Worst shop!!!!!! The moral is, why they charging you card before they even know if they will deliver an item at all!!! and why accepting an order on the first place!!!!!

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