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Basically a scam

Here's what I wrote to the customer service e-mail:

Hello. I'm very annoyed. I'm guessing you know exactly why. Yes, it's because I just spent a good deal of time posting an ad on your web site as well as reviewing other people's ads only to find out you were trying to scam me out of my money--at least that's what I have to assume you're trying to do.

Let's examine the facts:

1. Your basic membership is basically worthless because I can't contact anybody and they can't contact me. Yes, the sarcastic pun is intended.

2. You do not make it at all obvious that this is the case until after someone has completed their ad.

I hope you can make a strong case in your defense because right now it is going to be my pleasure to write a very harsh review on google or yelp.

I'm sure you're aware that craig's list provides the same service for free, because I found a link to your website on yes that's right craig's list. I recommend a prescription for Ambien because I'm guessing you have trouble sleeping at night; on second thought I'm writing you a prescription for a soul because you probably sleep like a baby.

I don't know why I bothered writing this, because you’re probably a basic member just like everybody else and you’ll never see this email. Therefore you will never get to hear me say…
have a nice day.

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