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If I could give ZERO stars, I would!

My advice would be to stay well clear of this company......I bought a return to London 4 weeks in advance for a medical appointment. This appointment was changed by them a week beforehand so I rang the to alter my tickets. (By the way, don't use their expensive 0871 number - got to 'say no to 0871' and it'll give you an alternative number that works just as well but doesn't cost the earth). The telephone operative was completely clueless. It took her ages to even understand what I wanted and kept trying to put me on a later train that same day. When I finally got her to grasp the fact that I wanted to postpone my trip for 2 weeks due to a changed appointment she put me on hold (again - she'd already done it twice before) and then said that I couldn't travel on a different day. I then asked if I could cancel it. She went away again and came back and said yes, that would be fine. So I told her to go ahead and cancel and it was then that she told me there would be a £10 administration fee!! TEN POUNDS! My blimin' ticket was only £31! This is on top of the booking fee and then, to add insult to injury, I have to send the tickets back before I get a (partial) refund incurring more expense!!
I would imagine that somewhere in the teeny tiny small print it is written that a charge will be incurred but seriously, hands up everyone who reads the teeny tiny small print when buying a £31 train ticket? A car maybe, a house definitely but a ticket?? I urge everyone to look elsewhere......don't let these people get away with such outrageous charges. I can feel another strongly worded letter coming on..........
Customer service - 0/10
Charges - minus 10/10

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