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I used to be a great fan of RI, but this company is turned into one of my most hated and I refuse to give them any more of my money!!!
I buy clothes for my daughter, nieces and nephews as well as my self and always thought their clothing was of a good standard.
I have just got of the phone to the customer services department which offers no service at all!! This is the second order in 2 weeks that has left me in a pickle first my Red Dress for the office Xmas party didn't arrive on time and now i'm told the 12 items I have ordered for XMAS presents will not probably arrive until the 27th of December... FAT LOT OF GOOD THAT IS.
To top it off I ordered them on Monday with the confirmation email stating Delivered by Friday 20th December. According to Jason it has not even been picked yet, 5 working days and it has not even been picked yet!!! I can not get a refund, I can not find out when its likely to be dispatched and I can not do anything, not even speak to a manager. To top it off they were advertising that if you ordered by that date delivery would be before XMAS. All Jason could do is tell me about Terms and Conditions which in all honesty the Terms are I pay you deliver by the time you have advised on the confirmation or return my DAMN money instead of getting interest on my money and ruining my Christmas because I will be sitting around with no presents to give my family. Ironically I received an email just yesterday 19/12/2013 at 08.05am that says quote on quote 'Its not too late! Order before midnight for Christmas Delivery' LIARS DO NOT ORDER AS YOU WONT GET IT BEFORE XMAS AND YOU WONT BE ABLE TO GET A REFUND TO REPLACE WHAT YOU WONT GET!!! Stay away from this thieving company their delivery is CRAP and River Island has just lost a customer.


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Ok... I am a picky shopper. I came across this site via Ebay as I saw a coat that stood out and bought it because I wanted to be different. It arrived looked fantastic just as it did in the picture but if fit a little small. I contacted the Pixieknix team and Pete was very helpful. So helpful I bought 2 more coats.
The refund for the return was instant and all I can say is this was so easy. I saw, I bought, I received so quickly and the Customer Services is first class. I must add that I have recommended to friends and have become a fan!!!

For all of you who don't know about this site you need to log onto

Thank you to the Pixieknix Team your great... Happy Happy Customer. X

T Mobile

Can't wait to leave

Rubbish rubbish rubbish! I have stopped using my IPhone, don't make any calls on it and send maybe a few texts a month. I have a booster which is a unlimited to other Tmobile users yet my Bill is ALWAYS over. They are ridiculous charge for voicemail service I DONT HAVE, they charge £1.50 one off fees which is erm EVERY MONTH and no one can explain why? They charge for debit card payments because I chose NOT to give them access to my bank ac with DD. And god forbid you should be late paying your bill by a few days they continue to harrass you at all hours even on Sunday wether you speak with them or not. The worst thing I done was change from my old school flex 35 to a shitty I phone contract I have a few weeks to go and my 13 year relationship with Tmobile is OVER!!!! Woop Woop........

Tmobile CS has just said that repeating my disdain for Tmobile is not helpful!!
So I will repeat it here.

YOU ARE RUBBISH RUBBISH RUBBISH bunch of theives who ruin people's credit and give absolutely NOTHING for loyalty to you. Just like British Gas as soon as your momentum gets going you shit on the 'little' people who help you get there.

DISGRACE DISGRACE DISGRACE no matter how you change your name your still CRAP!! EE??? dont you mean ERRANT EGOCENTRIC.......


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