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Don't waste your time - you can get a better deal on Amazon/eBay!

My experience with Achica has been awful, I have placed several orders with them, and only the first few arrived on time (i.e. usually 4 weeks after you placed an order). But my recent orders have just been a series of disasters.

Back in August, I placed an order with them and it is yet to arrive in full! I contacted them several times and all they can tell me is that the vendor was unable to provide the stock and offered full refund. I'm reluctant to take up the offer as I really like the product, but they just keep on pushing me to go for the refund option. It's now 3 months in and it seems like I will never get those products - so I might as well take up the offer.

While this is still going on, I saw another product that I like on their website - I really should have learnt my lesson here, but I like it too much, I placed an order. This time the order came on time (partially) but it's definitely a big disappointment to me. The product was not the brand that was on promotion, it's one of the other label that they owned. I know I should have do my research properly before making a purchasing decision, but I think Achica should never mislead the consumers to think it's the same label!!!

I have decided to de-activate my account once all the refund/product has arrived. To anyone who's thinking of purchasing with them - LOOK AROUND FIRST! Usually their price is not any cheaper than Amazon or eBay but Achica usually takes 4 weeks or longer (or never) to deliver (and they charge you ridiculous amount for a 4 week delivery), whereas most of the Amazon/eBay seller can provide next day (ish) delivery service with much less amount of delivery charge.

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