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i recieved a text saying my package would be with me by 9 pm SO I TOOK THE DAY OFF WORK COSTING ME 100 pounds.then i recieved another 4 hours later saying it was with a courior and would be with me by 9. i phone the courior to see what time and was told that it had been given to a driver not in my area.....even though on further psuhing the driver lives less than 8 miles away.

customer services phoned me up ,were rude,blamed me,littlewoods and everyone else but themselves.
so i have wasted my whole day,lost money due to canceled work been treated badly by customer services and still have no package or any idea when it will be delivered.


also seems they are faking positive reviews on this page.what a shitty company.

insert copy and pasted fake friendly response comment from yodel .

26 April 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Mark, we’d really love to help with your parcel query and see if we can change your mind about us. Could you email with your parcel number and delivery postcode and we will get right onto this. In terms of the other reviews on here, I promise they are genuine. We’re proud of the service we deliver which is nearly always great. We deliver over 2 million parcels each week, the overwhelming majority without incident. We are though human, so things don’t always go to plan and that’s when we need to step up and ensure your view gets a great reaction from us and that is what I would like to do for you now. Michelle.



purchased a hobbit movie code which did not were unhelpful so i asked for a refund because it does not work. was told i would have to pay a pound merchant fee to get my money i said i would open a pay pal dispute unless i was fully refunded.

here you can see support clearly threatening to ban me,and blacklist me on all cd key websites.......not that they ever could LOL


Your payment has been credited to your 'store credit' in your CJS-CDKEYS.COM account.
Please note that refunds to your Payment Card, Money Bookers or PayPal incurs a merchant services refund fee of £1. - Store credit avoids this charge.

CJS appreciates your custom.

07 May 2013 11:40
mark lee-symons
no store credit is not good enough.the mistake was your companys not
mine.i want a full refund. no merchant fee.i was sold a not working
product.this is your companys fault not mine.i will open a pay pal dispute
against you.

07 May 2013 11:43
Do not threaten PayPal disputes as this can result in your account being banned and your details being blacklisted by all online key sellers.

CJS appreciates your custom.

07 May 2013 11:47
mark lee-symons
do not threaten is my legal right as a paying customer to dispute
unfair payments. what a terrible company making threats to paying cannott black list me anywhere except your own website.which
i will never use again and will tell every pc gamer who i know that uses it
never to do the same.i will leave you a negative review on trustpiolot and
will include your threats ............ way to treat your customers.......

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