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Placed an order for a playstation 3 with fifa 13 and waited patiently for delivery which never happened so after a week rechecked my e-mail and found a message from Zavvi stating there was a problem with my credit card so i decided to phone them but gave up after 40 mins on hold . I checked with my credit card company to check if any money had been taken and guess what it had a week earlier. When i finally got through to customer service they were amazed to find that they had already got my money and assured me my playstation would be despatched that night. so next day i checked my email to look for despatch confirmation only to find there is a payment problem with my card so they couldn't send my order.At this point i'm getting a bit worried so i decide to phone and cancel the order no problem they said BUT later that day i received another email saying i could;t cancel as my order was in the warehouse awaiting despatch and i would have to receive the item and then return for a refund . ok but they cant send my item because theres a payment problem even though they have my money so how can i send it back ?????. ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH i got in touch with my credit company and have left it in their hands to get my money back only to receive a phone call from Zavvi saying i'd been given a refund a week earlier to which i replied that i had not received any refund and the credit card company was now dealing with the matter . Now three weeks on i have just today received another email saying thank you for my order but there is a payment problem OMFG are these people totally incompetent mm let me think YES THEY ARE if you are intending on buying from zavvi make sure you use a credit card and then at least you have back up when things go wrong

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