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Woodyatt Curtains

Terrible customer Service!

Non existent customer service,I emailed them about a query on my order,that was around the 30th July,can't remember the exact date it was that long ago,today is the 22nd August and still no reply,don't even try phoning unless you have nothing better to do all day as a long wait is in order.
All I wanted was an explanation to a mistake,seems that once you get the curtains its goodbye.
Would not use again and would definately not recommend to any of my friends,they may be cheap,but cheap is what you get in after sales.
In the end rather than wait for eternity for a response I took the curtains to a seamstress to have them altered,didn't make them so cheap after all by the time I paid for the extra work.

Received a phone call from Woodyatt apologizing for the non reply,they say that they have no record of my query which was sent through their own 'contact us' tab on their website,what a surprise,also was never asked which number I rang from so don't know how they checked a call log without the number I rang from.
Funny how it took a review on Trustpilot to trigger a response from them,they got that email ok!
They have even admitted their website needs improved to make it easier for customers but yet I am still out of pocket to the value of £30 with no offer of compensation.

22 August 2013

Reply from Woodyatt Curtains

Dear Scott Brennan,
Our customer support email is, I have searched the emails from the last 2 months using your surname "Brennan" and also your order number. I can not find any email? Our telephone lines are 01953 889215, open 9 - 5pm and all calls are answered within 5 rings and normally resolved on the first call. We do not have a log of any call that you have made to our company. We receive a high volume of calls each day and no other customer has had a problem getting through our phone lines. I think you may have called an incorrect number? please check your call history to see which number you called?
Thank you for speaking with me a few mins ago and letting us know the problem was you would of liked a pair of curtains for your Patio window instead of one large curtain. This question is already on the right hand image on the Kylie product page. Point 3 of the frequently asked questions. It says, if you would like a pair of curtains, to order half of the window width and then enter quantity 2 in the shopping basket. Then you will have 2 curtains (Pair) for one window. We are always looking to improve our customers experience, so we will see how we can make it easier for customers who would like to order a Pair, (2) curtains for 1 window in the future.

Kind Regards
Customer Service


MP3 code rip off !

Careful when trying to use the code they send you for registering for their newsletter,after I purchased a song I seen the deal showing 25% of your first mp3 purchase and applied 10 mins after my purchase.
When I then tried to apply the code it said error,already used,I then complained to their customer service team and was told that it was applied to the song at 89p not the album I was going to buy at £7.49.The fact that they hadn't even sent me the code before I tried to purchase didn't even click with them.
Going back to iTunes.

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Welcome voucher con!

Terrible company,totally useless!

Achica sent me an email with a code to use for my first purchase, a £10 voucher.
When I tried to use the voucher it said invalid,I emailed them and got a response one day later telling me to try another code,which I tried and surprise surprise it also said invalid.After yet again another email explaining my anger and another day went by, they tell me to go ahead and place my order and they will refund the £10,like I've heard that before!
They now have given me another code to use but now the items I first wanted have ended.
What a complete waste of time,I wish I had read the reviews about the company first of all and would never have went near them.
My advice,pay a bit more and buy from a well established,reputable company.


Terrible customer service!!

One of the worst companies I have ever dealt with,their so called customer service is more like I couldn't care less attitude.
After ordering one of their products they somehow messed up the delivery address,don't ask me how as the online form was filled in correctly but they say that they used my email address as a postal address,I mean how daft can you get.

After several emails back and forward I am still none the wiser,they say that the delivery company will contact me but still nothing,I have asked them to confirm what details they have given the delivery company to make sure they have the correct phone number but still nothing.
If they can't get a simple request like this correct it does not say much for the company.
Also while all this is going on,not one word of apology from them,hopeless!!

19 June 2013

Reply from Photowall

Dear Mr. Brennan,

I would like to apologize for the delay in delivery and for the inconvenience this has caused you. We are glad that you let us know how you feel, your feedback is very valuable to us so that we can improve our delivery and customer service. I hope you are happy with the solution we settled over the phone and we will get back to you tomorrow to make sure everything has worked out fine.

Thanks again for your review and we hope you will be pleased with your wallpaper!

Best regards,

Ida Gustafsson

Never buy from Infurn!!

A complete disaster from start to finish,first ordered two bean bags through Groupon,had to wait months to finally receive them,was given a £40 coupon as a way of compensation which I thought I would give them one more chance to impress so ordered a light,should have learnt my lesson!
Every time I get an expected date for delivery it passes by and now going by the recent date it will be one year to receive the light,if it ever arrives!
I have requested a refund twice,still waiting now nearly two months,so like their products will probably wait about a year to receive.
Take my advice,avoid like the Plague,you may pay more from another company but at least you will get your order and avoid all the hassle.

UPDATE 20/11/12

After my post on Trustpilot I received a phone call from Emilie who apologised for the inconvenience and said that she would apply for my refund and process as quickly as possible but it could take up to 30 working days,so my first thought was ,I won't hold my breath,we will wait and see and planned to count the days down.

I received another phone call today(20/11/12) from Emilie to update me and said that the full refund had been put back on my credit card,so I checked..................... and YES,a full refund was back on my credit card.
So thank you Emilie,you have restored some faith back in Infurn!

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12 November 2012

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Dear Mr. Brennan,

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the long wait you have experienced on the delivery of your ordered lamp and furthermore, that we haven't been able to respond to your request for a cancellation in a timely manner.

Even though you yourself have had an unlucky experience with us, I would like to assure you that INFURN does deliver and that we have many satisfied customer all over Europe and the US.

I hope that you are happy with the solution we have settled on during our phone conversation this evening, but if you have further questions please feel free to contact me via

We thank you for your review as this will help us to improve our services.

Best Regards,

Emilie Nielsen,
INFURN Support

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