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I received a calling card on the 22nd October stating that I had missed a delivery, I immediately went onto the online tracking system and re booked for the 26th October and received a confirmation email.

The tracking system however shows 3 attempted deliveries one on the 18th which I did not receive a calling card for (the system says one was posted) and one on the 23rd which I did not receive a calling card for (again one was not posted despite the system saying it was) and actually this was attempted after I had rebooked for the 26th.

When they did not deliver on the 26th I spoke to a customer service advisor who stated that it was not being delivered on the 26th and did not know why. She then re booked for the 29th which was the next available time for a delivery to be booked. . When the delivery did not happen on the 29th I again spoke to an advisor who told me that the parcel was still at the service centre and could be re booked for the 30th! I again rebooked for the 30th and again did not receive a delivery so phoned customer services once again to be told on that day that an enquiry was going to be launched as to why this had not been delivered and told me to re book for the 31st but to check the system on the morning and if it did not say ‘out for delivery’ then to phone and speak to the same person who was named <private data removed>. On the 31st I checked the system as requested which was saying that the parcel was still at the service centre in Middleton. I phoned again to be told that no one called <private data removed> worked there and had to once again tell the whole story, so in fact an enquiry had not been launched and I was told that the depot had refused to deliver as I had had my 3 attempts. I ended uo having to make a 46 mile round trip to collect my parcel.

My key points are.

1. Only 1 calling card was left on the 22nd October despite the tracking system saying that 3 were left. So as far as I am concerned there has been one failed attempt at delivery.

2. The alleged 3rd attempt at delivery was actually made after I had used the online service to re book for the 26th. This suggests that the online communication systems do not work.

3. I have phoned customer services on 4 days in a row to be told differing stories as to why I was having this problem and being told that delivery would be the following day. The 4th time I was told that the depot can refuse to deliver and had done so as I have had my 3 attempts at delivery. This was not communicated by any other customer services advisor until the 4th day that I waited in for delivery.

4. I have wasted 4 days of annual leave waiting for a parcel and have had to pay for 46 miles worth of petrol as the systems are clearly flawed. There is clearly a lack of communication within the organisation within the online system and person to person system


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