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Please don't sign your life away to this company!!! Save yourself!

I was a loyal o2 customer for 4 years on sim only. They always gave me new offers and deals, they always informed me on things to make me aware of everything including my charges. They even sent me a bag of sweets once!

This year after deliberating and thinking I could get more for my money with a contract with them especially because I was the loyal customer, they were literally throwing great offers my I crumbled and decided to get a 24 months contract with them.

Literally as soon as the 30 day grace period finished my nightmare with them began. Random charges from no where (eg, picture message-but I only use Whatsapp or BBM for sending pictures), EXTREMELY POOR customer service-rudeness beyond belief. Most of the time, it's so frustrating and tiring and they almost force you to pay their random charges otherwise you'll be barred and your account would be restricted.

I can't wait for this contact to be over, i've asked for an investigation to be made into my account and what's going on. I'm fed up! once my contract ends i'm literally going to cancel it immediately so they can't say any rubbish because we know how dodgy they are!

In my opinion, you can do better. If anything just do a sim only contract with them, which is 30days rolling, and you can cancel anytime.

very poor

The customer service of is very poor. Firstly they do not have an adequate customer service hotline for issues. They show no appreciation towards their customers and they force you to renew a domain when you no longer want it. If you don't pay they send creditors your way and threatening you with numerous potential legal proceedings.

I personally will never recommend to any of my friends or clients. Use GoDaddy or another site with better customer service. They're very poor and should never be trusted.

31 May 2013

Reply from

Hi Blessing Platnum,

I am sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with our service, but please let me outline our procedure to clarify why the claim was fowarded to a third party.

You got your initial invoice in due time to renew or to cancel. If you do not want the domain any longer, you are free to cancel the subscription. On the invoice, it states:
"In case you do not want to renew your web space, it is important that you cancel your web space before mm dd, yyyy. For further information, please refer to this address:"
This way, we have informed you until when we need to hear back from you and also send you the link to an explanation how to cancel. This information is not hidden.

You have until 30 days before renewal date to cancel. We only send the reminder if we haven't received a cancellation from you. No payment is required if you cancel, so we don't send you a payment reminder before the cancellation period is over. So far we have not received any cancellation request from you.
Our practice regarding cancellations is also described in our Terms of Business, no. 1.6

Please note that we do not offer phone support. Instead we have a Live Chat support that is available 24/7 and ready to help you on the spot anytime. You can contact the chat on

Feel free to contact me on, if you have any further questions.

Melissa /

good prices but waited 3 weeks

Select specs is probably the cheapest online. With thin lenses coming free with the service and their super thin being the price of the thin on most sites. However they seem to not have the frames in house and we had to wait three weeks to receive the glasses.

However if you're not in any rush at all.. then Select specs is great! Price was right, glasses were great, and overall package was reasonable.

Will most likely use them again.

Glasses Direct

Quick, Cheap and efficient.

I wanted to find a more affordable option to buy my high prescription designer glasses. I first tried the home trial and the glasses came within a couple of days with a free return pack. I then ordered my glasses with the wrong package (gold package) I needed the Platinum package and the glasses came out quite thick (they arrived within a week). I then requested a refund. They also gave us a free returns label via email, so we didn't have to pay to return the glasses. We received our refund in a week, which wasn't that bad.

Great customer service and quick service. I'll definitely recommend that you use them other than spending tons of cash on the high street.

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