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The Tapas Lunch Company

Good product and customer service but ridiculous postage costs.

I'm very pleased with my order which arrived fairly promptly. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that I will order from you again as adding an extra £10 for postage because I live in Scotland is, in my view, completely unacceptable. I do a lot of on-line shopping and do NOT appreciate being penalised like this. Scotland is not an independent country yet!.

12 November 2012

Reply from The Tapas Lunch Company

Believe it or not, we don't actually like 'penalising' customers in northern Scotland, but I'm afraid this charge is nothing to do with us or whether Scotland is an independent country or not. The surcharge is applied by the courier on a strict postcode basis. We don't post food - the postal service is not suitable for moving perishable products - so this is a next-day courier charge, not a postage charge. All couriers charge a surcharge for certain areas of Northern Scotland, but the exact postcodes vary slightly from courier to courier - this is an inescapable fact of the courier service in the UK and again, nothing to do with us and more to do with the geographic remoteness of northern Scotland. Yes, we could change courier, and perhaps your postcode would then not be in the surcharge area, but another whole set of customers would then find themselves in the new surcharge area. I have been writing this paragraph for 7 years now and it amazes me that customers in northern Scotland are still giving us bad reviews and in many cases, abuse and accusations amounting to racism based on something that is not only completely beyond our control, but also has a strong basis in economic reality. It costs A LOT more for the couriers to deliver to these areas so the surcharge is not beyond reason. Finally, can I just stress that this is all explained clearly on the 'Delivery' page on our website, so we are not surprising customers with this charge.

It takes a hell of a lot of dedicated customer service, week in, week out to get the kind of Trustpilot average we have, and a review of 3 stars based on something that has obsoletely nothing to do with us has a big effect on our average. It is a big blow to us.

Anyway, thanks for using us at least once and I hope you're satisfied with the food. Regards. Customers.

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