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Awesome prices & service

Made an order a while back to give these a try after many problems with several other online stores. After amazing service and very good advice I have made loads more orders. They do a collection service too. So no p&p which is great if you live localy. I come through weekly to visit family. Amazed everything was ready to pick up within 20 minutes and was all in stock. Really happy with the service and the lad I spoke to seemed really up to key with his games. Also has ordered othr products I was after that they dont stock. Will be making all my orders with these guys from now on. Would highly recommend.


Joke is a word that would match there service!

Not happy at all with the lack of service with Laimsburys at all. But thought I would try there online shopping with a £15 off voucher thought seemed like it was worth while even though Ive had so many problems in the past. Spent an hour doing a list filled out all my details and bam this voucher is not valid. Tried several more times and nothing. Now my order was over £60 and only groceries. It was just under £80 and the voucher was valid till the 4/1/14. Contacted them...and...........Nothing what a suprise. Been 5 days now, still not a peep. Well thanks to that Ive missed the offers wasted over an hopur of my life and for what!. Dont waste your time on this overpiced joke of a supermarket theres better alternatives. You can say goodbye to our 15 years of custom from now on! AVOID!


Was Ok now need to confirm your a customer. WHAT HAPPENED TO PRIVACY!

Used to be a great site for reviews now this isn't a bad ting if you got good things to say. But if you have bad things to say and you want to remain anonymous you cant as you need to verify that your a customer so they can check who you are. In many circumstances this isn't right at all. I wont be using trust pilot ever again. Absolutely ridiculous!

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23 July 2013

Reply from Trustpilot


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

To ensure the quality of the reviews on Trustpilot, we provide an option to report a review that may be written by someone who can't be identified as a real customer of the company being reviewed. Any company or consumer can report a review and you can see who, when and why a review has been reported on the company profile page.

If the reviewer can provide documentation that shows they bought something from the company, we will restore the review. I understand that this can be a hassle, but it's the best way for us to ensure that reviews are written by real customers.

I hope this give more insight into why we may ask for further information in some cases.

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Absolute Joke of a company

Made several orders with this company everyone has taken more than a month to turn up and always have items missing from the orders. Offer high percentages off with absolutely no customer service and no goods. I mean what the hell if you want to steal money from our accounts to pay for other stuff then get round to it when you feel like it is completely unacceptable. I order from several other sites longest time they've taken is 2 weeks max usually only a week and they're 20% off and free postage. Where as your 30% on weekends and p&p plus you have to wait over a month and still not get all of your order is an absolute joke. Shouldn't be allowed to run a business. Ive dealt with some bad companies but this now by far the worst Ive ever dealt with. For your own sake. AVOID!!!

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Good company

Had a few problems but always sorted out by friendly and helpful staff. No free postage anymore though ;(


Nothing good to say here at all

Ordered my chair was really excited about getting the item, But was a massive let down. Was late turning up then when it did it was damaged in a couple of areas. Wasn't happy so tried contacting the seller had several more problems in the end. I got the X-Rocker Pro Advanced ULTRA Gaming Chair and wow what a waste of money. The chair is so uncomfortable, squeaky and a pain I would have preferred to burn my money that buy this piece of rubbish. Out of the 12 people in our gaming league all said it was highly uncomfortable and couldn't last 15-20 minutes in the chair without serious problems as there's literally no padding on the part you legs go over. So you get a wooden beam digging in to your legs which is really low quality and badly made. Honestly dont bother these things other than the sound being decent are NOT worth the money as no comfort what so ever. Disgusted!

Red Onions

Thought Id give a go. Now regretting it!

Thought this site looked decent and reliable enough so thought Id give it ago. I was wrong. They've taken my money not sent any goods, not replying to messages and not let me know whats happening. Will be contacting paypal to claim my money back. Hate companies like this absolutely no customer service. Disgusted!


Absolute joke, nothing but rude and arrogant Liars

Ive been a customer for around 15 years and had many problems in the past. Which if your expecting help...Don't! They have made things so difficult and awkward that just 1 month after opening my new business account I have asked to close both that and my current account. The fact that they were keen as hell to start with then when I was all signed up ive been hung up on, spoken to like utter crap, absolutely no help and refusal to put me on to a manager. I lost my rag put the untrained idiots in there place and am going to be taking legal action against them. This is how bad there service is. They are nothing but rude and arrogant Liars who no nothing of their jobs. NATWEST IS A JOKE! AVOID AT ALL COST! You have been warned

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Awful avoid at all cost Yahoo has serious problems

Awful avoid at all cost Yahoo has serious problems both with their email services, news and especially their search engine. It is by far some of the worst unreliable rubbish on the net. Not trust worthy or safe at all. DO NOT TRUST!

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Taking Gamestation down instead of game was the biggest mistake ever made in games retail

Taking Gamestation down instead of Game was the biggest mistake ever made in games retail. Gamestation was great brilliant service every time but choose to take that down for the incompetence and general don't care at all service at game along with faulty points system and unstable checkout. Simply can not trust this company at all there are loads out there that do everything to keep customers these do the opposite. The way these run things they'll be closing game too. Glad they dont deserve to be around!

Rocket Hobbies

One of the worst companies out there, AVOID!

Rocket Hobbies are useless, rude and mess up constantly then put the blame on the customer. Avoid at all costs. One of the worst companies Ive ever had to deal with. Really disgusted. I got back into the hobby and have been burned by a few companies this being the worst and maelstrom. For your own sake AVOID! There are a few other stores that are run by gamers for gamers. Use them these are not.

03 February 2013

Reply from Rocket Hobbies

Ironically in a review for Wayland Games where you were saying they were the worst company ever you stated you had placed 3 orders with us and were singing our praises saying we were good.


Worst company I have ever dealt with. AVOID!

Ive spent over a grand in the last month or so Ive bought from Wayland games twice. Both I was disgusted how bad they dealt with my order. It took Months , no replies, hang up on me, didnt inform me and took my money and still messed up my order plus having things in stock on live stock levels then deciding they dont have it in dont tell me but take my money. Ive played for years but stopped for about 7 years ago then got back into Warmachine/Hordes and a few other game systems and not had much luck with sellers up until I found HGI which are great and would recommend to anyone, great service, quick delivery, great prices and very friendly and helpful. Its a damn shame when people get shafted by companies that just dont care. Another note is I noticed hundreds of their prices RRP is way to high to make you think your saving more money...Your NOT! They are lying to make you think your getting a great deal. Simply disgusting. Search around as theres a few decent stores still out there that are top end service this isnt even close to good. AVOID!

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Worst company ever they lie to people and steal money off people this company is nothing but criminals. Having to take legal action against them due to theft of my money and lying about my order. Absolutely disgusted.

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