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not the best

Theres pluses and minuses but i think that the minuses are to big...
Pluses are that there really helpfull tuttors and never had a problem with the site.
Minuses are that they tell u that all u need to pass the tests are the books they provide but in fact u will need more sources if u really want to pass the test:just an example is that i learned a few things from the simulation test ive done so far,which i shouldve know from the books.Another big minus is that they never tell you when u enroll that compTIA A+ have changed the way they deal with the diplomas:basicaly the diplomas are only valid for 3years,and than u will have to take the test again in order to have it valid.of course there are few ways of getting around and maintaining your diploma valid but in my opinion i shouldve been informed.As for as i was concern i was taking on a course to change my career,
To conclude,i guess u cant really find any better somewhere else,cos in the end they all try to sell their products and dont really care about costumers.I can tell that my cousin had similar problem when she done a course with one of these home leargning colleges.My adivice would be to ask as many question as you need before enroling and dont be pressured by their seller who they will definitly say that "this is one of the last spots left sir for now and if u choose not to enroll now u might not get a change when u call later"...can u imagine? :))))

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13 November 2012

Reply from Home Learning College

Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry that you felt the minuses outweighed the pluses in your experience. We do clearly state on our website that, as with all major IT accreditations, CompTIA Certification must be renewed every three years to ensure that knowledge and skills remain up to date with current trends, but I can only apologise if you gained a different impression at some point.

In regards to the provision of resources, there are a wealth of online materials available in addition to the course books provided, such as mock exams and sample papers, but we do advise that background reading will often be required for successful completion of the course, as could be expected with a professional qualification at this level.

You mention that you enrolled on this course in order to change career, so I hope that your studies have helped you to achieve that goal and that you gain ongoing value from your new qualification.

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