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Fair Deal Music Online

Very good an efficient

I ordered a refurbished keyboard at 11. 50pm at night and two days later it was here. very impressed with how quick it is particularly as its a free delivery. Also by emialing you in what time bracket their going to deliver is very useful. product looked brand new and works perfectly. very good website wish more were like it! will definitly use again. best price online too



a terrible service, website, shop and even worse customer services. The website is slow and uninfomative with incorect information and specifications which lead you to buy something which bears no resembalence to what they say. You just cant say HD camera with 4 megapixels if it isnt and what you actually get is a vga 1.3 megapixel camera. This is what happened to me. There answer to everthing is to ring customer services so going into the actual shop is a waste of time. I tried to change my number and this took 9 days of constant phonecalling and being on hold from customer services!!!!! Everytime I rang customer services transferred me to a call centre in india. they all had bad english so they couldnt understand me and I certainly couldnt understand them! finally perhaps by mistake or devine intervension I got through to and englishman in newcatle who sorted it out in 10 minutes! If only there were english call centres! the only reason i am stil on 02 is because my farther had a work contract with them but now thats sold I am free from this company and there horrific service ( I mean lack of any signal not there general terrible service. I cant wait to change Orange here I come. As they would say the future is bright which could never be said of 02!!!

Mazuma Mobile


This site is really one of the best I have visited. I sold my phone at 5.30 that night on the website and my freepost bag was in the post the next morning. Wow! Also the site is really easy to use and deserves its 5 star rating. Also I recieved my check within 2 days of my order. Really fast! This site is the best and most efficient I have come across and you recieve a much more competitive price for your phone than any other similar website. Simply great!!!!!!

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