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Heinnie Haynes

Best outdoors supplier out there, simple.

Huge product range.
Competitive prices.
Super fast postage.
Sterling customer service.
Nuff said, thank you Heinnie Haynes!

Kwik Fit

Uckfield Kwik-Fit - AVOID

I went in with a repairable puncture in my tyre. It ended up costing £22.50.

I only realised after I'd left and look at the receipt that the puncture repair was £9.50 - very reasonable, then they'd charged me extra for wheel balance (debatable), new valve (NOT needed), and nitrogen fill (NOT wanted).

Was I asked if I wanted any of these extras? NO. Now I see why they have all those signs up telling you to stay out of the area they're working on the cars in. Kwik-Fit in Uckfield are a bunch of cowboys. AVOID.

UPDATE: That evening, as well as leaving this review, I wrote a snotty email to Kwik fit - not so much in expectation of anything actually being gained, I just wanted to let off some steam. In fact, I had assumed I would not get any reply whatsoever.
The next day I received a call from the branch manager and told I would be given a refund for the un-needed work done. He was very polite, and seemed a bit embarrassed at having to make such a phone call. I went in the next day and in the end walked away with a TOTAL refund for the whole cost of the repair.

So in the end all I paid for the repair was the petrol cost of two trips to Kwik fit.
Thought this was important to post as it seems to me now that some of them may be cowboys and ignorant idiots who try to reach targets by any means, but somewhere in there, there are the good guys. Still, I've learned my lesson and won't be going there again. Hopefully the idiot in question was given a bollocking.

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Great company

Swift delivery, great products, excellent over all service.

Thanks guys.

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