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Ordered a pair of football cleats for £104. Wore them ONCE! and found a rip on my left boot. Went to get an exchange due to the item being faulty. Asked politely if i can get an exchange and the sales assistant replied, we cannot exchange this as this is not a manufacturing fault, he just GUESSED and ASSUMED and said it looks like it was due to studs contact (like he was there and saw me playing football) and its not manufacturing fault.! ? he stated "its unfortunate its happened"!!. So lets get this straight a cleat that cost £104 and like he guessed it was a due to a stud contact it ripped, surely a boot worth that expensive can take contact for the FIRST time i played in them, fair enough if i had them long time. I cant get a refund not even an exchange all i got from the sale assistant was "Sorry it UNFORTUNATE". Absolutely horrendous customer service and business. Worst thing is i was a very loyal customer to sports direct. The amount of products iv ordered has probably had an affect on their revenue. As from this day i'm not spending a penny on sports direct!. have couple of boys that always buy new cleats each year from sports direct i will be telling/convincing them to STOP shopping there and switch to pro direct. Also letting everyone i know how poor the company and customer service is and not to ever shop there!. WORST RETAIL EXPERIENCE EVER!.

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