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We are all liars not customers!

We received our internet bill this month with a note stating we hadn't paid last month's bill and a £10 late payment charge. Phoned the un-helpful number and informed them that we had paid; before I could get any further Mr Sarcastic (psuedonym) said I couldn't possibly have paid because they hadn't received payment, he then went on to imply that perhaps I was getting forgetful. When I informed him that actually I had the bill, stamped by the cashier in front of me and that the money had been debited from my account he became "Mr More Polite", taking off the late payment charge but informing I would still have to pay for two months! He suggested I send the stamped bill and a copy of my bank statement; I suggested I send a photocopy, knowing from past experience how expert this lot are at losing stuff, suddenly he was fine with that.
I went to the bank, they have confirmed that payment has been made and to the right account and that I should only pay this month's bill until VM sort themselves out - we have two accounts with them and I am to suggest they check the other one, even though the chap on the un-help desk denied they could possibly ever make such a mistake!
Naturally not - Virgin are perfect, its the rest of us that are the problem

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