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Worst delivery company I have ever dealt with. Avoid at all costs!!

On the 29th of November i made an order online with Sports direct who use Yodel. This has proven to be a disaster. I received a tracking code for the parcel on the 03/12/2013 saying that the parcel would be delivered in the next 2 working days and giving me the website and tracking number. According to the website they attempted delivery at 9.20am on that day, an hour before I got the text. This was not a problem as I could request a redelivery on their website but it seemed a little odd as my partner was at home at that time and no one rang at the door. I requested that they deliver on Friday the 06/12/2013 and swapped shifts at work so that I could be available to take delivery. The delivery never came. I tracked the progress throughout the day on their website, it left the depot at 09:23am and then there were no further updates. At 8:45pm I decided to contact their contact center to find out what was happening and if I was still going to receive my parcel that day. I was on hold until 9:02 pm at which point an automated message announced that the contact center was now closed and disconnecting my call. This was obviously very frustrating but what made it worse was at the same time the website updated to say that the parcel had been delivered at 09:53 am which it certainly was not! I prepared to call them the following morning to find out what had happened but decided, before I went to bed, to check the website one more time. To my relief it had updated again to say that it had been returned to the depot. As a result I could again request that it be redelivered. I made this request for Monday 09/12/2013 and as I was in work on that Saturday, again rearranged my shifts so that I could be available all day to receive the parcel. On that Monday I called their contact center to get their assurance that they would deliver it and gave them my mobile number so that the driver could contact me if he had any issues finding my address. The adviser warned me that the drivers did not have company phones but that they would try and arrange something. The adviser took down details of where the driver should go and said they would be passed onto the depot for the driver to follow if needed. I spent the rest of the morning regularly checking their website to see when it had gone out for delivery so I could be extra vigilant. The first update was at 1:34pm and this said that delivery had been attempted and that they were awaiting instruction. No one had rung my doorbell and I'd had no call to my mobile! I once again called their contact center to find out what was happening and the adviser I spoke to said she would call the depot to find out. She came back to me and said that the parcel had not yet been out for delivery and that it would be with me sometime in the afternoon. I proceeded to wait and wait and wait. At 7:30pm I decided to call the contact center again to confirm it would still be delivered. I reached an adviser who said he could see the notes and promised that it would be delivered before 9pm. It was not delivered. By that time I had spent 27 hours of my time sitting at home waiting for this parcel to be delivered!!! I called Yodel again the following morning (Tues 10/12/2013) to make a complaint and reached an adviser who said she would talk to the depot and call me back. She did not call me back. I called again an hour later and got through to yet another adviser who said that he would call the depot and call me back. 15 minutes later a received a call from a lady saying that she worked at the depot. She appologised saying there had been a mistake yesterday and that the adviser at the contact center must have called a different depot as the person made reference to in her notes did not work there. She told me that they could not deliver the parcel that day but that they would get it out to me by 11am on Wed 11/12/13. 3 minutes after this call the adviser from the contact center called me back and informed me of the same information. At this point I was relieved that the issue had finally been sorted and was looking forward to my delivery the next day. I waited that morning until 10:45am and nothing had come. At that point I called their contact center again and requested that I be put through to a manager. I checked the website whilst I was waiting to be transferred and saw that my parcel had been moved to a depot in Shaw on the 10th. I discussed my issue with the manager who said that he would get in touch with the manager at the depot and would call me back in 2 hours with a resolution to this issue. This callback never happened. I called the contact center again on the evening of the 12/12/2013 as I had been working during the contact centers opening hours since my last call and was told that the manager I had spoken to had gone home. I requested that he call me back today and the adviser told me she had emailed him with the request so that he would. He did not call me back. I have been in contact with their contact center again this evening and have been informed that they have returned my parcel to Sports direct.

I cannot describe how angry and disappointed I am at this company for failing to make ANY effort to deliver my parcel despite all the effort I put in to make myself available. To top it off their customer service has been beyond disgraceful by their advisers consistently not doing what they said they would and this includes a team manager!

Do not use this company at any cost.

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16 December 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Alexander,

We're here to help, if you'd like to come over to our email inbox at, we'll gladly help you out with this.



Do not waste your time with this company. Avoid at all costs.

When my parcel was sent out I was offered the choice of delivery date to suit my timetable. I selected an appropriate day for myself and this was confirmed quickly and efficiently. This was the only good part of my experience.

On the delivery day I received a text telling me my delivery time and sat and waited. And waited. 10 mins before my delivery period finished I looked online to find a message saying we could not find your address, please contact customer services to confirm the address. Now as I live in the middle of Manchester I found this very hard to believe, add to this fact that my building is the only one with this postcode and the name of the building and the numbers of the road it occupies are clearly on a sign next to road at the front of the property and I was both confused, unhappy and also completely disappointing. I tried to call DPD to ask what was going on but every time I went through the menu I got told to contact the company sending the parcel and then the call would automatically disconnect. At this point I was furious. I called the company sending my parcel and they found out that there was no chance of the parcel being redelivered that day, so the fact I had organised to take the day off to receive this package counted for nothing and was not of interest to DPD. I managed to get them to confirm that they would deliver it the next day and organised for someone to check my predicted delivery time in the morning so they could go across and pick up my parcel. They waited all morning and no delivery time was given. It was only after I spent my lunchtime getting in touch with the company who sent the parcel that things started to happen. DPD told the adviser that the parcel had not been scanned on the way out of the depot but it was blatantly clear they had simply forgotten to send it out again. In the end it was delivered by a third party in a unmarked van, obviously the man they send out when all else fails. He confirmed that the delivery drivers are lazy and incompetent as he found my address without trouble by simply looking around when he got close to where he knew my property would be.

I would advise anyone who reads this to not use this company, they are simply not worth the time of day. A more efficient way to deliver your goods would simply be to walk it to the destination yourself. At least you would know it had got there.

13 November 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm sorry that you experienced a below-par service on this occasion.

Is there anything I can do to improve your perception of us? Please drop me a note at if you need any assistance.

Kind regards,


PC Specialist Ltd

Fast and efficient service, well worth what you pay for.

Creating my perfect computer was easy and quite fun to do. My order was processed quickly and well within the timescale given. The order updates were regular and made sure I knew exactly what was happening with my order and what the next stage was. The computer itself runs excellently and has completely met all of my standards. I can recommend this company highly to everyone.

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