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Effortless. Innovative. Smart. AsianD8 provides one of strongest contributions to current dating platforms.

As a seasoned user of dating sites, my personal gage for evaluating their effectiveness is somewhat pragmatic, but straightforward nonetheless. In short, the sign of a good site for me is not necessarily about whether you happen to stumble across ‘the one’ but more importantly, how easily (and quickly) it allows you to be exposed to a pool of good, like-minded people. For me AsianD8 wins this competition hands down and moves it from being a ‘good’ site, to a ‘great’ site.

Technically, from the consumer perspective, the AsianD8 website contains all the core essentials (and more), ease of navigation, visually aesthetic, up-to-date with the latest industry/social media technologies and a number of quirky features unique to the site.

Overall highly recommend – keep up the good work guys.

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