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City Link


If I had to describe my experience with city link it would be absolute nightmare, I would of had more chance of my delivery turning up if it had been tied to a flock of blind wingless carrier pigeons, I'll give you the short version of what happened.
Ordered a 47 inch panasonic T.V from amazon and paid for express delivery it should of been here the next day before 1pm, waited all day, never turned up, contacted amazon and arranged for a Saturday delivery, phoned city link and they confirmed it would be here Saturday, guess what it never turned up, complained to Amazon and City Link, Amazon got back to me within in hour and must admit have been fantastic, refunded me the express delivery charge and told me to get back in touch if anything else happened, city link took over a day to get back to me and told me that the T.V had arrived at their deport at 5am Friday morning but had since then had gone missing and if they found it they would notify me otherwise there was nothing else they could do.

HOW THE F£&K DO YOU LOSE A 47 INCH T.V?! Which only means 3 things, I honestly believe that one of their drivers or someone at the depot is a thief or they are so useless they are that incompetent they actually did lose a 47 inch t.v, contacted amazon they have said they told city link to find and deliver my item without further delay and would replace it if cant be found, so basically I paid express delivery, took 2 days off work, wasted the best part of my weekend waiting for a delivery that was never gonna turn up only to be told its gone "missing", really can't tell you all how f@&ked off I am, I'm still waiting for city link to get back to me, I won't hold my breath.

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