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Disgusted and Appalled by DPD

I bought an item from Amazon on Thursday (08/11/2012) and I paid extra to have the item delivered by 13:00hrs the next day (09/11/2012). On the day the item was due to be delivered, I received an email, which stated that the item would be delivered, between 14:56 and 15:56.

The time the item should have been delivered went by with no delivery. I checked the status of the email I had received earlier in the day by DPD and I discovered a message, which stated that the item could not be delivered, because the address could not be located.

I decided to email the company, but before I wrote the email, I checked the reviews for DPD and I found this was a regular occurrence with this company. I emailed DPD regarding the messages which stated they were unable to locate my address. I explained that I lived in a prime location of Greater Manchester, not the back of beyond. I told them that if the item was not delivered this day, I would be contacting Amazon with a view to cancelling the order and having my payment returned to my bank.

I also told DPD about the appalling reviews that were written about them, on the internet. I normally receive a reply when I contact a reputable company by email, however, after reading the reviews, I soon discovered that DPD are not a reputable company and I question Amazon's wisdom in employing this company as their carrier service, when there are other carrier services that they can use, including Royal Mail.

I could have paid the same postage to Royal Mail and had the Special Delivery service, which would have also guaranteed that the item was delivered by 13:00hrs. I know this to be true, because for the last 25yrs of my working life, I was employed by Royal Mail and I sometimes worked in Priority Services, where items of special delivery are processed and despatched from.

I contacted Amazon and told them what had happened. Amazon apologised and told me that I would have my payment returned, the item would be cancelled and DPD would be asked to return the item to the depot. An hour later, Amazon issued another apology, confirmed that the item had been cancelled, DPD notified and that my money had been returned to my bank, by an electronic payment device.

Yesterday morning, DPD, who had somehow managed to locate my address, tried to deliver the item to me, even though Amazon had cancelled the order.

I emailed DPD and once again I was not surprised that DPD didn't reply to me.

The shoddy treatment DPD hand out to their customers, is not only disgusting and appalling, it is very unfair.

When I paid for my item to be delivered by 13:00hrs, there was a specific reason why I wanted it to be delivered on the day. I was quite flexable with the delivery time, because I know from experience, that the volume of traffic can determine when an item is delivered.

However this wasn't the case with DPD, a message in the email DPD sent me, regarding the time the item would be delivered, stated that the driver could not locate my address. I now know this to be a downright lie and this is unacceptable.

I will be contacting Amazon and I will be urging them to use reputable companies in future, preferably Royal Mail.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Kathleen Bell

13 November 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Kathleen,

Sorry to hear about this - the problem seems to have stemmed from the delivery driver being unable to locate your address.

I'm sorry that you did not receive a response to your email. Could you tell me which email address you sent the message to?

Please contact me at socialmedia@dpd.co.uk if you need any assistance.

Kind regards,


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