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Don't throw Your Money Away and look what has happened to Dixons.

I would like to see their last years accounts as trying to get a refund out of them is like getting blood from a stone. The way they seem to hold onto your dosh is scary. I bought some walking boots for £69.99 from their Telford store and when I got home i tried them on and walked around the house for the evening to make sure they were ok etc. I discovered that they were a little tight but more annoying was the fact there was a very weak join at the front where the sole was welded to the toe cap. It looked like water to seep straight through.
I returned the boots the following day and after getting no where with a helpful young member of staff who just kept saying I could have a credit or exchange I asked to see the Manager as I wanted a complete refund. I was not happy with the boots at all and upon a much closer inspection they did look like SECONDS ( Beware)
A guy called Tom Wellings came down who introduced himself as the General Manager and after I explained the reason for the return and the request for a refund he simply said it was not their companies policy to give refunds. I said that the goods were not fit for purpose and were faulty. The fact they were a little tight, now, did not come into it and anyway is not a statutory reason for a refund. There is a fault on the boots and he did not want to know.
Their attitude is crazy. We are a very sporty family and over the year's we have spent £thousands with them. I did point this out and his reply was a roboted answer that sounded like, i am not programed to answer that question. He just kept pointing to their returns policy on the wall and had a complete disregard to the Sale of Goods Act. One of his replies was - we have experts employed, that work very closely with Trading Standards and Trading Standards tell them what to do. DO THEY !!!. If they do then they are not listening.
I hope any readers find this informative. I stated by referring to the financial stability of the company. i cannot substantiate that they are in financial trouble but it seems strange that they would sooner I write these condemning words and lose all our future business than give me a full refund of only £69.99p that I am legally entitled to as the goods are faulty. I will be pursuing this to the end and even through the courts and blogging everywhere with as much publicity as possible. Please watch this space.

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