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Groupon UK

Good deals but

I bought a pair of shoes at a remarkable discount. Received the shoes, didn't fit.

Now as anyone will know who shops online, the usual procedure is that you let the company know the shoes didn't fit, and they come and collect them whilst delivering another pair. I had no clue how to get a refund with Groupon, so I contacted them and a week or so later I got an email requesting details and to reply back to (or something like that) and then a week later I was informed I had sent it to the U.S groupon (even though I DID send it to the UK) so I emailed the UK again.

After a lot of timely and annoying back-and-fro I eventually got the info I needed to contact the vendor. The vendor then informed me that I would be charged to send my shoes back as the postage would be at my own expense.

This was about 5 weeks after receiving my shoes and to avoid hassle I never returned them. Groupon need to make sure they have the vendors refund policy clearly stated on GROUPONS website, and have a more efficient help system.

I am very dissapointed and will never buy from them again in fear of not liking the product. The good deals are countered by the rubbish service. BEWARE.

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