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NIGHTMARE! No communication and ignored, still no delivery! SEE ADDED NOTES REGARDING FEEDBACK ON EBAY!

I so wish I had done my homework before purchasing from "WORLDSTORES" via E-bay! Simple comunication is not much to ask. I purchased 5 items via e-bay as it was a 24-48hr delivery. BEWARE! This, and the fact that the system showed more than 10 available they were not even in stock. Yes, you now have my cash, and I am sick of this silly delivery game as someone put it thats what it is. I am now on my 3rd "maybe delivery" Also be advised that there are LOTS of websites for this company.

Beware if you buy via e-bay, as the main customer service team will not speak to you, even tho they have same access to notes as everyone obviously ( I know this as one agent could tell me and advised that they were not allowed to but meant to go through the "ebay team"), you will be placed in a call queue, transfered back into the queue and left till the phone either cuts off or you get fed up - in my case around 18mins is as much as I can bare, I do have other things to do. Oh and my e-mail has still not been replied to either.

Waited 5 hours for a call back yesterday, never got it, had to hold again to be told rubbish, yet again called this morning and told will call you straight back, GUESS What?? Hours later,Yip. Deliberately ignored.

CHEAP is NOT always the best option, you get the service you pay for too. Probably by writing this and giving my order number Ill get messed around even more, if thats possible. Thankfully, I hadnt placed my orders yet for the rest of my furniture yet so I will be going elsewhere for that,and not to any of the "World" stores.

As a "Customer Service" Rep myself, I would have been sacked by now for offering a service such as this. I will be taking this further.


Thank you for your response Worldstores, but I do need to add some info here. Yes I did speak to Aaran, who was your very slight saving grace. I was not contacted by her however, or any of your customer service team. In fact I found it very difficult to be able to speak to someone who could help. I had to continually call, hold, and was passed back into the queue before I managed to speak with her by refusing to hang up and wait for a call back. At last someone who was willing to keep in touch, and a lovely manner, and my delivery was arranged for today - 19/11 - the 5th delivery date I have been given so far.
My delivery DID NOT ARRIVE YET AGAIN, however at least time I was informed by around 10am instead of waiting all day. I have now cancelled the order and have now sourced the items elsewhere.

I read the good reviews above, glad this goes right for some, HOWEVER, you could have saved me as a customer had you wished, you were more than happy to refund my money very quickly which makes me think you were prob never going to deliver tommorrow, ( the 6th date) as you advised. You could have turned this around, plenty opportunity to, 6 in fact, I was MORE than patient, it has cost me a fortune in phone calls to your company, I was browsing for funiture for most rooms in my house, however I will vote with my feet, and so will the rest of my friends and family.

The funny thing is that it was even in my little boys news book at school and even the teacher asked me about this at parents evening! ...oh how word spreads!

ADDED 26/11/2012

If you are considering buying from this company please note - today I was offered £25 to amend my negative feedback left on e-bay. I am shocked at this and have refused. I wonder how many unhappy customers have accepted this bribe (thats what it is) to amend to give positive feedback. I would be lying if I did this as my issue was never resolved.

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16 November 2012

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Dear Valerie

Thank you for your feedback.

We are very sorry to see the review that you have posted in regards to your order with us, and we would very much like to resolve the issues that you have raised.

My colleague Aaran has already been in contact with you regarding this, delivery has been arranged for Monday.

If you require any further assistance, please contact us.

Kind regards

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