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Most unprofessional dealings I've ever had in my life

It's been a few years now since I rented a car but still seeing the backlash from my dealings with this corrupt company, in the way of the Debt Collectors... the most truly unprofessional & stressful dealings I've had ever in my life... The office administration side of things were a joke. What an absolute shambles... I was certain Jeremy Beadle was soon to appear !! They couldn't provide the car we had requested which was important due to several reasons which I wont go into. They sent us to another depot across town to meet a guy who could barely speak English to collect the right car from inside a dark and dingy multi-storey car park. Not good as you couldn't check the car over properly. The only good part of this whole experience was the car itself was good, and clean and reliable. Forgetting the earlier encounters I was fairly pleased and the car held up well and fulfilled its job perfectly. Now after a few weeks we return the car cleaned and fully re-fueled... and ask for it to be fully inspected for any damage... I was overly cautious here and the car was given the thumbs up by another chap who didn't fulfil me with great confidence either. All Done or so I thought. Several Months / a year later, me and my friend were then contacted by Europcar via email and phone insisting the car was damaged by us and we needed to pay for repairs. Shocked !!! Somehow, they wanted to charge her and myself a sizeable sum but of two different amounts on two separate cards. Just totally suspect already. We refused to pay anything on the principle the car was immaculate, we babied that car like you wouldn't believe !! SO after many a phone call back and forth they agreed to wave this supposed fee... *sigh. At last !!. Then fast forward another few years, is when I start getting hassled by the Debt Collectors, who were quite frankly very pushy and rude and threatening... trying to sneakily trick me into giving my details away and paying the money. I refused to pay all the way and they said they'd just keep hassling me on a daily basis until I paid up. Last call I had was when I said... if you know who I am, you have my details then take me to Court *HANG UP. Never heard back since. I fear for the next time I need to hire a car, but be sure of one thing it wont be with shambolic, unprofessional company, I would strongly persuade you to go elsewhere. Still feeling very angry and bitter about it all...

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Nevada Music

GREAT, Chuffed with my new purchase !!

Bought a used VOX Guitar cab from Nevada, via eBay... but also had some email / phone call interaction too. I wanted the item next day, rather than the standard economy shipping option provided... as I was home the following day. They agreed to ship it in with no extra costs. Fantastic !!
I work in a guitar shop myself so understand all the logistics behind the scenes... but they tackled it all very efficiently and professionally. If I was to be picky the item could have been packed with a bit more care but luckily is was mint on arrival. Highly recommend my own rivals !!


Time Wasters

Well, in brief... I'm still waiting for my Xmas present !! They failed to re-deliver twice... 2 whole days not showing or leaving the house just so I didn't miss the delivery and I gave up on them soon after. Guaranteed no attempt to deliver !!! Astonishingly the item was sent back to the sender within days and frustratingly the item was out of stock with the company I ordered from. Would try avoid at all costs. No really care or concern was felt from their customer service team... lied about re-delivery. Lets see how they do next time. No wonder Amazon no longer use them after all the complaints. Very poor !!!

Mazuma Mobile

Great hassle-free Service

So easy...

Tried to trade my phone other outlets... but the prices were bad and problematic.
Mazuma offered me a great price.
Took 5 mins filling in a form.
Was sent a jiffy bag.
Returned (FOC), and the following day money was in my account.

Chuffed to pieces, as I said before Easy as !!
Look forward to using Mazuma again for my future expired phones.


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