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Parcel just thrown over fence package soaked through

Cowboys doesnt begin to describe my experience with this company ordered some chocolates through Thortons online and it was sent through this courier, decided to check the status of the delivery on their tracking page which stated that it had been "Delivered to Secure Location" a few days earlier.

However we had no card/note or anything like that through our letterbox to tell us where this so called secure location was though, contacted Thortons who got in touch with them and was told it had been left over our side gate. This was in fact a gate to our back garden which is bolted from the inside thus meaning the only way it could have been left here was for it to have been thrown over the gate. Added to that the item was not in a very visible place and there was heavy rain at the time, this meant it had been sitting outside in pouring rain for two days and the package was socked through. Being a food item this meant it was spoiled as well having some impact damage from the fall.

To me even a trained chimp should be able to determine that if you throw any item from even a moderate height there is likely to be some damage regardless of it being fragile or not, perhaps they should do us all a favour and test this on themselves by pushing each other from various tall buildings and see if they can survive the fall!

Lucky Thortons have been helpful and stated “This is not standard practise and not of a level of service that we expect from our couriers” and they will now be sending a replacement through UPS who I hope will do the job this one clearly fails to do time and timr again.

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