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Appalling company - should be put out of business

Final update. April 2013.
The lamp finally arrived and it wasn't good quality - I was hardly surprised. There were a number of problems - the EU plug instead of a UK one, the fact that the shade doesn't fit properly on the base so it feels as though it's going to fall off any minute - it just balances there, the base isn't flat so the whole thing wobbles, half the bulbs I try in it don't work. I wrote to them about it and they requested photos - I tried photographing the problems - but they're tricky to see in a photo - you have to see how it wobbles etc. At that point I was so exhausted by them, and so busy with other stuff in life that I gave up. I hate to admit it - but I'd had enough. Every time I look at the lamp I hate this company a little bit more. It will probably end up donated to a charity shop. Again - avoid this company at all costs - they are a disaster.

Another update - Jan 29th

Just noticed today that the delivery has been moved back again (as always I had to go check the site again). This company makes me so angry - and I hate that they have to be in my life for a full 34 weeks (and probably months again after that looking for a refund) making me angry before I can get my money back and never think about them again. They just disgust me.

Latest update - Jan 20th 2013

As I expected I not only didn't receive the lamp in time for Christmas (surprise surprise!), but I also only got one of the promised phone calls that would update me on it's progress. The delivery date is still 25th February at the moment. I'm just waiting for their ridiculous 34 weeks to be up before I try get my full refund - there's no way I'm giving them 20% of my order cost for doing nothing. Worst company ever.

Latest update - Dec 6th

I've just checked the website and this is what I'm now getting
"We would like to inform you that your order will unfortunately be delayed by a maximum of 8 weeks. Our quality control team has not accepted the order from the factory and already ordered that a new one be produced for you at our expense. We at Infurn would rather carry this extra cost so that you receive only the best quality product. We not only ask for your understanding in this matter, but also offer you a 10% credit to be added to your account to show our appreciation of your patience in this delay.You can activate the 10% credit by clicking on the link below, and use the credit on your next purchase."

Where do I start with this? "At our own expense" - you've got to be kidding me?? You've had my money since August 1st and produced nothing with it. I do not "understand" and I've made that completely clear - nor am I remotely "patient at this delay" - I just want my money returned in full (without your deduction for production and storage of a non-existant lamp)

And they have the nerve to give me a 10% credit so that I can buy something else on their completely useless and totally untrustworthy site as compensation for having no birthday or Christmas present for my husband. My next purchase - seriously!!!

Funny the delivery date is still February 25th - I'm sure that will get pushed again anyway. I have warned everyone that I know on all social media off this company - they should be put out of business - but preferably not until I get my refund. It's like everything they do is designed to give the maximum amount of frustration and annoyance.

I spoke to their customer service person last week (I feel sorry for her). Apparently they've had problems with their production in China. They really could save themselves some of their bad feedback and actually let their customers know what's going on. Anyway - there is a small chance that my order will show up in mid-December (I don't believe that for a minute though). I was supposed to get a call from the same lady to let me know what progress was being made - every Monday until mid-December so that I could determine whether I needed to go buy another Christmas present for my husband - today has passed and surprise - nothing! My lamp will "definitely" (not the dictionary definition I expect) arrive in mid-February. I can't cancel my order until 18 weeks has passed - and if I do it then I will lose 20% for production and storage - which is a laugh - it is highly unlikely that the lamp has been produced at all - and has definitely not been stored anywhere! So - I wait! At 34 weeks I can finally get a full refund. As I said before - appalling practice for a company - do not order from them no matter how tempting it looks.
I ordered a lamp on August 1st which I didn't realise would take between 10 and 12 weeks to ship (I notice they have now updated their site to say 12-18 weeks - but at the time it did not say that). I talked to the customer service woman - complaining that the lead time for delivery was buried on the site and not clear and I was told that my order was now in production and could not be cancelled. It was for my husband's birthday at the end of August - so obviously I had to find something else to get and decided that this would be a Christmas gift (not ideal - but the best of an annoying situation).

The date for shipping the lamp was the week of the 5th of December - and has been since I ordered it. This was longer than the longest time that I would have expected and was told that this was just in case there was a delay with shipping - but I would probably have it a little before that. I was wary but there wasn't much I could do.

Now I have just checked the site again and the shipping date has moved back. The last time I checked was last week and the shipping date was still 5th December. It has now moved to the end of February!!!!! This is completely outrageous! I don't know how they think that this is remotely acceptable? Seven month lead time on a lamp?? There is no way that they've been making a single small lamp for this long - are they mining the metal themselves for the structure?? This even falles outside their own ridiculous 18 weeks for delivery - it's seven full months!

Not only are they pushing the order so far into the future that it's pointless - but they don't even bother to update your customers that it's the case - we have to remember (months after a purchase) to go check to see what's happening on their website. Are they hoping we'll just forget and go away??

I'm disgusted and have no belief whatsoever that I will ever receive my product and I suspect that I'm going to have a stupid amount of trouble to get a refund.

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21 November 2012

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Dear Nicola,

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay you are experiencing on the delivery of your lamp. INFURN is working very hard to have your order delivered before Christmas.

After having spoken to my colleague in our UK Service Team earlier today, I hope that you feel more informed about the status of your order and that you are satisfied with service we have provided you.

If you have further question to me directly, please feel free to contact me via or call (+44) 203 137 9417.

I wish you a pleasant day.

Kind Regards,

Emilie Nielsen
INFURN Support

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