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proper steam key at half the price in 5 mins!

Half the price of buying the key on steam itself, how do the do it?


Good customer service - very quick response!

Ordered some RST Urban Gloves (non WP), but the WP ones got sent by mistake. Contacted sportsbikeshop and got right ones sent out as soon as they received the ones I sent back. Very helpful and good communication ensured a quick resolution to the problem!


tumble dryer damaged in transit - refuse to acknowledge blame

After winning our case against this company (defendant failed to turn up 1st time due to "car trouble" so case was adjourned!) , it was not entirely surprising to found out that they had gone into administration (the reason the defendant didn't turn up the 2nd time), so despite being awarded all costs and a moneys to cover the damaged tumble dryer by the small claims court, it seems we may have a long wait for our money, and both myself and partner have wasted 2 annual leave days each.

The lesson here is don't look at the summary on a site like trust pilot, the figures are misleading, look through the individual reviews and they tell a whole other story! I don't think trustpilot allows you to filter bad review only so this can be rather time consuming too!

Tumble dryer was delivered yesterday (13/11/2012) while I was out and my partner took delivery but failed to notice the huge dent in the side of the item (delivery guy rushed her to sign it and she was trying to keep our small baby under control). The dent was so big it actually dented the inside of the drum too - so much so the drum would not be able to turn, which is the first thing I noticed when I got home. Partner tried to ring to sort it out today but Electrocentreltd rather rudely said as she'd signed for delivery it was no longer their problem. I shall be pursuing this in a more formal manner unless I hear more in the next 24 hrs from them.

UPDATE: Have now entered into court action as they refuse to deal with me.
I'm sure when everything goes well, this company may appear great, but if you have any problems, they just hang up, or are unwilling to negotiate, just referring to their terms and conditions on the website.
Electrocentre are going to defend their claim and are accusing us of damaging the item as it was delivered to our utility/gym room! I will post the results on this website when it has concluded.

UPDATE: 22/02/2013
We now have a date for our court case but its not for another 2 months! So we've now been without a tumble dryer since November :'(.
I note with interest that Electro Centre Limited have at least one recent unsatisfied judgement against them from 29/12/2012 from Torquay Court (an unsatisfied judgment of ,£1,605 which means the court judged against them and they haven't paid up yet!) so even if the court decides in our favour it may be many months until we receive any kind of remuneration :-(. Here's a link to the court document, -
it only cost £4 to search for judgements against them so I thought I'd share it with everyone.
As for ignoring the signed delivery slip, my partner has never denied signing the slip, but she has protested that she was not allowed a reasonable time to inspect the goods (as stipulated in the sale of goods act) and was rushed into signing even though she told the agent that I would be inspecting the goods later on. Of course there is no proof either way other than our testimony which we intend to give in court.
Also electro centre have stated that I contacted them the following day, that is completely untrue. Here's a link to a copy of my first email:
My partner did call the the next day by telephone, but they were rude and unhelpful.
As for the "delivery people" unpacking the item. Two people came in to the house, one went back to the van while one unpacked. Although when I came home the item was still mostly in its packaging and my first clue something was wrong was from an internal inspection rather than seeing the external damage - so I too initially missed the damage as it was covered by polystyrene and polythene!

Just in case anyone thinks this is an isolated incident...
Here's another bad review from this site:

27 July 2012
Appalling customer service
Ordered a washing machine, was given a delivery date so booked time off work, was then called at the last minute and told it wasn't coming so would be delivered the next working day (after the weekend)

when it did arrive I wasn't at the house and the delivery driver was quite rude about getting me to be there when he wanted me to be there and not when it was physically possible to get there

being in a rush they didn't let me check the machine over, as soon as they left I discovered the back panel was smashed in - tried to call them back and mysteriously they didn't answer (office line or mobile of the drivers)

took nearly a week to get through to someone who would then authorise the return, several days later they actually collected and here I am another week later with no refund having had to raise a claim on PayPal to get my money back

their stock answer on the phone is "that's not my department but I'll get someone to call you" which of course they never do

absolutely the worst customer service I've experienced in quite some time, will stick to the bigger outlets in future

I ended up paying 30 quid more to currys who delivered within 2 days and actually installed it for me

Electrocentre failed to turn up in court twice (1st time alleging car trouble half an hour before the hearing and 2nd time more believably because they were in adminstration). We won the case, but will probably get no money back as electrocentre are no more and we'll be last in line as a creditor. The company however lives on in the same address with the same company directory and is now called 247electronics. The company also tries to get bad reviews taken down as I have to verify the details of my transaction and the ensuing court orders to both trustpilot and reviewcentre. This puts into doubt the validity of these review websites as far as I am concerned if they can't see that a change of name does not mean a different business in anything but a legal sense.

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12 March 2013

Reply from Electrocentreltd

On the 13th of November the dryer was deliverd using a 2 men service, the dryer was taken inside as requested and placed where Mr.Dawbers partner requested, the packaging was removed from the dryer and Mr.Dawbers partner was asked to inspect the goods for any damages, once she had inspected the goods, she was asked to sign-print-date and initial to confirm the goods are in perfect condition and packing has been removed, this writing is in big and bold typing not hidden away.
The normal delivery procedure is a one man service the driver puts the package in place and says can you sign here, they do not open the packing and state can you please check for any damages.
The following day we were contacted and informed dryer is damaged, we have seen the damage and it is severe damage and cannot be missed on inspection, if Mr.Dawber had claimed there was a small scrath or mark we could understand, but not this type of severe damage.
we have provided a copy of the delivery note showing goods were received in perfect condition, but Mr,Dawber has chosen to ignore this, we cannot think of any thing else to do to prove goods were delivered in perfect condition by opening the goods and asking customers to inspect before signing for them.
we have checked with customers who received a package on the same day by the same delivery team and they have confirmed the delivery people opened the packaging and asked to check for any damages.
we have responded in writing every time we have been written to,we have done everything possible to ensure safe delivery and cannot accept liability if goods become damaged while in the care of the customer.
update 26.02.2013 If as Mr.Dawber claims his partner was not allowed ample time to check the goods, then why did she sign-print-date and initial to state packaging was opened and goods were in perfect condition, all she had to do was write on the delivery note packaging not opened and goods not inspected, no one stopped her from adding this in writing onto the delivery note.
the claim in question is on hold as the claimant with held evidence from us ,we have appealed and the appeal will be concluded next week, if our position is vindicated then the we shall show the cliamant has attempted to defraud the electro centre by knowingly giving false information.
Update 12-03-2013, We have won our appeal and a new hearing will take place in May in which we shall have the right to request costs from the claimant as a attempt to defraud was made against us.

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