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Terrible customer service and false advertising

Shopped with Lunns to order new tap cartridges after i moved into a new house. They sent a different cartridge to the one advertised on their website which lacks a second thread for my tap housing. Obviously i was quick to get in touch and resolve the issue, but when receiving replies via email i was firstly told that the tap's manufacturer had changed, and then it was suggested that i then buy a new set of replacement cartridges and taps that will fit my sink.
I think that if Lunns had just simply admitted that it wasn't a good idea to advertise the wrong taps and offered to send the replacements free as a way of apology, i would have been happy and would never have left a bad review for them.
On the phone Andy lacked any empathy for my frustration and didn't think that updating the online part listing would either be helpful (so that more people like me wouldn't be having to return them) and that according to him customers "don't read the comments next to the product listings". I found this part of their explanation pretty ridiculous. They need to improve on their customer service a lot as Andy would rather have YOU listen to their story about how it happened, as opposed to apologising and rectifying the problem free of charge.

They don't seem to grasp the fact that they are shipping a different product to the one on their website, and that obviously this is false advertising.

Im now returning the cartridges and seeking a refund and will aim to shop elsewhere if they cannot refund the parts in full and also the postage. Their returns policy gives you no confidence and it's unclear (despite Lunns being at fault) as to wether or not I will get reimbursed for the cost of posting the parts to them as well as the tap cartridges, not to mention the amount of time emailing and calling them to ask them for clarification of the details. Steer clear at all costs if customer service is something that you value - shouldn't that be the basis of a good business?!

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