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Dreadful, run by a bunch of incompetents

NowTV is a complete joke. While they have a fairly small selection of exclusive content, it's not remotely as good as they'd have you believe with their current TV advertising campaign. Given that instead of NowTV, you can have monthly Netflix AND Lovefilm subscriptions (with £4 change), there's absolutely zero reason to recommend it.

As far as my initial comment about how things are run, I feel that caution should be exercised with any promotions they are offering. I signed up for a promotion offering 800 free Microsoft Points for taking a trial, plus a further 1600 for taking a second month at a discounted rate of £8.90. The terms clearly stated that these points would be received within 30 days of the trial period ending.

As it turned out, the woefully inept moderators of NowTV's community forums have done a dreadful job of keeping their customers informed. When people were enquiring as to the whereabouts of their points, the team ended up telling bare faced lies about what the terns had said, just to get the enquiries off their back.

They then started posting updates, which boiled down to 'we haven't organised this promotion properly and now are falling behind'. They then gave us a date we'd be getting our points by. Around this time, they then gave a further update saying that the points would all have been posted by the end of the following week. I eventually received my points, a good three months after joining and a fortnight beyond the date stated in the terms.

Perhaps if they hadn't lied, I'd be a bit more forgiving. The fact of the matter is that once they had customers on board and (in some cases) cash in their pockets, they had no interest in fulfilling their end of the bargain on time. The responses they DO give on the forums might as well be autonomous, there is no personality to them. They are just playing it way too safe and instead of remaining professional, they just come across as robotic and annoying, preferring to simply copy and paste the same reply a million times over instead of understanding the circumstances of your situation.

As far as the service itself goes, it's passable at best. Picture quality is average at best, often with degradation and becoming incredibly blocky. I can confirm this is nothing to do with my connection which runs at a stable 20Mb down and 2.5Mb up (actual speeds achieved). For the money they are asking, the service from a technical standpoint is really not up to scratch. Premium prices should entail premium service, not what they're providing.

Were it not for the descriptions when selecting a star rating, I'd have given them just the one. However, there isn't malicious intent on their part, so I've gone with two. They are woefully inadequate both technically and from a customer service perspective though, so I'd advise people to steer well clear of this overpriced, shambolic service.


There's good reason for this company being reviled by so many...

It's not like my recent problem is the first I've had with this company. Sadly, ever since Zavvi was taken over, they have become one of the worst online retailers in my humble opinion. Just to lay out my current problem:

1. Haven't ordered in a while, receive an e-mail telling me how sorry they are to see I've not been around. A '10% off my next order' voucher code is included.

2. I decide to order the 'Deadwood Season 1-3 Ultimate' DVD boxset, which was being offered at the competitive price of £14.95.

3. When ordering, I'm told my code is not valid for this order. After checking the terms of the voucher, there's nothing about the item which excludes it.

4. I called Zavvi's 'Customer Service' on Friday 2nd November to try and resolve the problem. The guy tells me that he can't see a reason for it not to be working and goes to have a word with his manager. He comes back with some made up crap about how it doesn't apply to products on offer (nothing about that in the voucher terms) and that the product was on offer, but they must have forgotten to mention anything about this on the item listing (pull the other one, don't invent lies to try and get rid of me.)

5. I wasn't prepared to accept any of that, so the guy tells me he'll look into it with the department that handles the voucher codes and will ring me back within 24 hours (I said that by the end of Monday would be fine).

6. It's now 14th November and to date, I've still not received that phone call. The DVD has now risen in price to £22.95, making it cheaper at a number of other retailers.

This is just typical of Zavvi and I can't be bothered with them anymore. I strongly urge others to avoid and choose a retailer that practices better customer service, such as Amazon.

(Oh and I forgot to mention, when I was trying to contact them on the phone today prior to writing this review, the phone just kept ringing and then cutting to an engaged tone. Not good enough.)

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