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I recently placed an order for a project we have undertaken at work, which required a certain type of magnet. I went on the website, which was very easy to use and ordered them for the following day. At this point everything had gone extremely smoothly.
The following day horror struck when I realised that I had purchased the wrong type of magnet. The project I was working on required the magnet to be countersunk and I had order a standard type (not the biggest issue but annoying). After consigning myself to the fact that I had ordered something I wasn't going to be able to use, so I gave up on seeing the money for the first order. I then placed a second order for the corrrect item and just on the off chance sent an e-mail to the sales address telling them of my dilemma.
Refreshingly I got an instant response to my e-mail saying they had located the first order they had cancelled it and credited the money back to my card and that I would have my replacement order on the following working day.
I cannot praise the customer service shown enough I only wish everybody operated with this level of service the world would run a lot smoother.

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