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The London Pass

The pass made my stay in London a real vacation.

I was completly satisfied with the London Pass. I was relieved that I bought it with the transport card when I got to London and realized that transportation is really expensive, with the card I didn't have to worry about how many times I used the tube or the buses, I just minded about where to go next.
And then the Pass itself, it didn't seem very important for the not waiting in lines thing, because we didn't see lines to go in to places, but what was great was not having to make a budget based on the charge for going to the touristic places, because must of them charge the entrance, and maybe having to cut out some places, we could get into pretty much anywhere. And, in several places the London alouds you a free audioguide, which is very much ok, otherwises you just see the pretty pictures or the pretty buildings but you don't learn anything.
It would be great if the pass included food, its the only thing missing, oh and plays!, London is one of the cities with the best theater production, it would be awesome if the pass included like one ticket to see a famous play.
In sum, I was really happy to have bought the pass, it made my trip so much easier, it gave the chance to foccus on having fun, getting around and enjoying the culture.

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