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Yodel are the worst courier service I have ever known. I ordered some items which were 'delivered' by Yodel. These items were breakable and fragile and required a signature - they were actually found in my back yard having been thrown over the fence onto the concrete paving slabs! Not great when the items are clearly marked FRAGILE - I found them a few days later after they had been left in the rain!

Another item I ordered online was some expensive computer software which also required a signature! This was delivered by Yodel and was pushed under the fence in my back yard and left outside in the rain with no card telling me where it was! Luckily it was not damaged!

Finally, I had a very important parcel delivered to me by Yodel which I was meant to sign for and would have received a fine if I did not send it back on time - Yodel left it with a neighbour and did not push the card through to say where it was so I had a couple of days of knocking on every neighbours door until it turned up - thankfully just in time to send back all signed!

All in all, Yodel are a complete disaster and I would not recommend them!

I would also stay well clear of who offer the same poor service!

Overnight Prints


Overnight prints have never let me down! They always deliver what they say on time and in good quality!

Thank you Overnight Prints!

And please avoid - they are a disaster!



I just don't have a bad word to say about! They always deliver before the deadline, with everything as it should be and the print work is just beautiful. I do wish they did postcards without a gloss finish but perhaps one day they will. But I seriously cannot complain about Their customer service is exceptional and their products are beautiful!

Thank you!

And please avoid - they should rename themselves Printed.CON!

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