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Harrods Online AMEX Terrible

The harrods website may well have, multiple good possible purchases on there, even if they are a little pricey.

The online buying function is at best the worst online shopping experience i have ever had, the money is withdrawn from the account (AMEX) and then a few hours later an e-mail is sent out stating payment failed. As far as the bank are concerned the money has been dutifully sent, but at the Harrods end they have refused it for an unknown reason (but seem to keep it in there pre-authorization faze), after multiple phone calls and e-mails, the money was returned on the 9th day, eventually throughout this near 2 week process i managed to track down one relatively helpfull member of the Harrods direct team "Hardeep" if & when you have this issue i would advise dealing with her.

Upon return of the above mentioned money, i was informed that there wont be any further issues, so submitted the relevant funds again to the tune of inexcess of 2000 GBP, but to my disbelief the exact same thing happend again, money was taken from the account then refused by Harrods (without explanation again), so here i am sitting waiting for the money to be returned which may be another 10 days, the only difference is that this time and from now on my custom will be taken else where.

"If you intend to sell luxury/exspensive goods, then i suggest that the service you provide meets what you put on your shelves, and it would be a good idea to have answers for questions like; why you turned your nose up at the money that was sent from the account (twice)?"

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