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Diet Chef

it stopped me being greedy and in the long run cut down on my shopping bill..!

Ii have been trying to lose weight for a long time and tried all the other groups with some success but this works for me... it stops me being greedy and going back for more or if you make something for your self we all plop an extra spoon full on thinking its ok.
There is so much to choose from i get a bit giddy and look forward to picking what i am having next..! so far there hasn't been much i don't like ( well the cacao things in the porridge ) and have not been board with any thing i have got, but it is down to personal taste .
It also seems a lot of money as it is i one lump sum, but since starting it i have not spent a penny at work,i have been to shops for my fruit and veg but other than that i am not spending on teas out at work, I work shifts and found this very easy to keep to and it is working for me.

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