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Now then... I purchase clothing online on a regular basis and it seems to be the most hassle free and painless way to shop...... Apparently not when it comes to

I purchased a blouse and dress on 26th October 2012 and requested Next Day Delivery. This they did come through on and I received my items on the date requested, Great! Well.....

Unfortunately from here it starts to go wrong.... I pulled the items out of the parcel and straight away I knew they would be too small, compared to shops like Topshop, Zara, River Island and other High Street stores etc the sizing was totally off... I even chose a size bigger as I had heard the sizing was sometimes a little dodgy with this site. The material was cheap and the colour of the blouse was totally different to the picture shown on the website. I'd spent around £26.00 on the blouse and around £45.00 on the dress. Average prices, not exactly bargains so for me the quality most certainly didnt match up to the price.

I then tried the items on and low and behold they both didn't fit. The dress was like a top, it bunched up at the shoulders and literally JUST came past my bum. Personally I dont like to go out dressed like a hooker so I wasn't going to be putting that back on again. The blouse was tight around the bust and the material was of very poor quality. Again I had bought a size bigger than usual to avoid the item being too small after reading reviews of very small sizing.

I filled out the return form and returned the items just a couple of days after as I could do with the money back pronto and wanted to purchase an alternative dress as it was for a special occasion. I used the label which is provided with the return sheet and posted the items back using my local post office; proof of postage was provided.

I have now been waiting 17 days to even receive an email to say my items have been received. I emailed the customer service email address on a number of occasions last week and like so many others I have not received one response. I then resorted to contacting them over Facebook which seems highly unprofessional to me but they appear to spend so much time posting trashy nonsence statuses that I thought they may actually notice my message. They did notice my message and responded fairly quickly informing me that my parcel was still in the pipe line on its way to them... Im sorry but post is not a dripping tap slowly passing through, the parcel gets to the warehouse and basically its sat there not being dealt with, that doesnt take a genius to work out.... They sent me many replies just fobbing me off saying I would soon receive an email, which i didnt! They also constantly put 'xx' at the end of all their messages, how very partronising! Such a no no for me.... I want professional service not some robot sending me the same messages with kisses on the end.... I then resorted to twitter which made my problem more public a number of others seemed to do the same that day... Reading through Missguided's replies by tweets that day was just embarassing... what a total shambles of company. They then started contacting me over facebook again (nothing over email) to fob me off further and tell me it takes 15 days, even though i said it had been 17 days!? so how does this figure? As you can imagine I was pretty pissed off by this time and decided to send a lenghty message outlining my consummer rights and the fact that I plan to contact trading standards. I also explained how appalled i was with the way they approach customers and the bad customer service and communication they have displayed. I sent the message just last night and low and behold they have messaged over facebook first this morning to let me know my item has suddenly been received and funds should be in my account within 3 days... No email has been sent; this I have requested as i want a copy for my records. I cant believe I have had to push so hard and threaten a compnay to try and get !MY! hard earned money back!

....So tell them you will report them and perhaps you will get your money back girls.... Such an effort though and I certainly wont be using the site again. HORRIFIC SERVICE, I honestly cannot see this Company lasting much longer, im suprised there hasn't already been an enquiry.

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29 November 2012

Reply from Missguided

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for taking the time to post you review.

Firstly I wish to apologise for the quality of the items that you received, this is inexcusable. We do ensure that all items go through rigorous quality control and therefore this is something that has been investigated further with the appropriate management.. I have looked through your emails and can see that an adviser responded to your emails confirming your refund.

I apologise also for the delay with customer care response times, they are currently working through a backlog of emails which they are working to complete as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I welcome you to email me directly and I will be more than happy to assist further;

Best Wishes,

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