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I am putting in a strongly felt complaint about the way I have been treated as a long standing customer. I have been with EE (formally Orange) for five-six years and my whole family are on the network too, meaning another four customers being with you a similar number of years. But with the problems I have recently had with my Blackberry Bold 9080 I have found that my loyalty to stay with your network for such a long period doesn't seem to be noticed.
The problem I am having is that my Blackberry is showing on the screen I have full strength signal but I won't receive anything for hours until I try to send a SMS message or call someone to find that the message/call fails which then leads to me doing a battery pull and a huge cluster of messages come through but for out going calls its still only on the 3rd or 4th attempt that the call actually goes through.
I have spent numerous hours on the phone to EE to try resolve the problem and have had to wait over a number of days for different diagnostic tests to be run and from all that they couldn't even give me a result. So I then got passed onto Blackberry Helpline who I have been on the phone to for 3 hours tonight, to now do another 24 hour test on the phone.
This whole situation is becoming ridiculous and could be dangerous to me. I am a student living away from home; so for one my mobile phone is my only resource in an emergency. Then even worse when I mentioned to a lady on the EE helpline, that if something happened whilst I'm out, EE seem to find it reasonable for me to have to do a battery pull on my phone to then be able to contact someone and to me that is not acceptable. Another reason I mention this is because I use my Blackberry for work and these problems have meant I have missed important meetings therefore causing me more problems in other areas.
This isn't the first time I have had a problem with Orange/EE and Blackberry's. I have previously had the curve and had to change that handset at least 4 times and this is the 4th time I have had a problem with the Blackberry Bold. When I went into store to ask about this problem, the gentlemen that served me said that seen as it was the 4th time I have had a problem with the handset it meant that I could receive a complementary upgrade of sorts. But then when I rang up EE they then said that wasn't the case and to upgrade I would have to pay off the outstanding cost on my contract. So I have been told completely opposing statements and it has given me even more reason to think about moving to another network when my contract comes to an end, which for me was the last resort but at the moment seems like I have no other option.
Finally I am disappointed in the way EE have acted over my problem, thinking it would have been a simple upgrade -as I had been told in store. But seen as that is now not the case I am left without a phone and feel completely discarded by EE.

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