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Absolute time wasters, Worst delivery service ever!!

Having recently upgraded my phone with Vodafone, they offered to deliver it to my home address so i didn't need to go to a shop to pick it up, Convenient isn't it!
Oh Boy I wish I choose going to the store instead!!!
After receiving a text from DPD on Sunday 11th telling me my parcel will be delivered on Monday 12th, I managed to take 1 day of holiday at very short notice so I could be home when my new gadget arrives.
I wish I would save that Day for something else!!!
Well, I waited all day and got no further news from DPD regarding my parcel; I contacted Vodafone who said that yes the delivery was DUE today but didn't quite know what went wrong, I asked them to change the delivery address so I could pick it up from their Vodafone store the next day as I would not be able to take another day off and waste more time at home. he told that was all arranged and the phone will now be delivered to the store but it would be delivered on Wednesday now.
Tuesday Morning, I received a text from DPD telling me that my parcel was being delivered today at my home address. Fairly surprised by that statement, I called DPD who confirmed that yes it will be delivered at my HOME address and NOT the Store and that it would be there between 16.56 and 17.56 (that sounded very precise). I managed to cancel a meeting to get home on time for the delivery; I do about an hour commute time...
waited...waited....Checked on their website and it stated that the parcel was on the van due for a delivery at schedule time, I thought fair enough there's probably a bit of traffic being now 6pm but hey, refreshed my browser and it was now changed to: in the Depot no reason was given. I then called DPD and spoke to the friendliest customer service person, who by the way might want to consider change her career and working for a prison as she was hardly apologetic, she was just saying I don't know what happened, driver couldn't deliver... couldn't find your house...The only thing I know is NO ONE ATTEMPTED TO DELIVER MY PARCEL THAT DAY! Didn’t even come close to my house!!
Nevermind, very annoyed by now I contacted Vodafone and ask them to send this bloody parcel to my Work place as I wasn't prepared to waste any more time waiting for DPD to find my home in South West London, which is easily found on any A to Z.. I went through the change with the Vodafone person who sent an email to DPD confirming the change of address. He did tell me that because this was done at 7pm that unfortunately meant that I would not receive my parcel the next day but definitely Thursday now.
Wednesday went by, checked on DPD website and it was just saying held at depot. I thought yes, fair enough...
Thursday! Didn't receive any text from DPD to confirm delivery time, website was still saying parcel was held at depot so I called DPD to get a bit more info, This time around the lady was a bit more helpful, she checked my records.....Oh No! They didn't realised Vodafone sent an email Tuesday asking for a change of delivery!!!I couldn't believe it...she apologised and we agreed to get it delivered tomorrow with a special mention on it of EXPRESS DELIVERY TO BE THERE BEFORE 12noon Friday...Still not very happy with it all I decided to re contact Vodafone to ensure DPD will be getting things right, I was lucky enough to talk to the same person I talked to on Tuesday and who actually sent that email to DPD, he couldn't believe it either. I asked him to call DPD to find out if delivery was actually scheduled for delivery tomorrow, GUESS WHAT...it wasn't on their records, they knew I contacted them in that afternoon but wouldn't change the address even though I was assured by the DPD person they would deliver before 12noon at my work the next day!!
Is there s hidden camera somewhere??
It is now Thursday evening, on my commute back home I googled:
DPD poor service this website came up so I checked it out.....
It is a habit of DPD to Royally cock up their deliveries!
Well, might find out tomorrow if DPD will finally deliver. I did tell the Vodafone person they should stick to Royal Mail as they are so much better than DPD; he did confirm they had a few problems with DPD deliveries...

I think the DPD staff needs a serious evaluation and probably take courses on Customer service, Map reading, Email opening and proper communication. I think there might be some NVQ out there that might just do that...

Those guys are a joke and should consider a change profession.
If you need something sent quickly and efficiently, stick to Royal Mail, Forget DPD!

A very unhappy customer.

19 November 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Yann,

I'm really sorry that you encountered these issues on this occasion, and for all the inconvenience that has been caused. I see the parcel was eventually delivered on Friday evening - was everything okay when we visited you?

Drop me an email on socialmedia@dpd.co.uk if you need any info/assistance.

Kind regards,


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