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It's not often your expectations are exceeded. Nemox Pro 2000

When you make a decision to buy what many may consider an unnecessary luxury, the product really needs to make a good impression to those that may raise their eyebrow to your purchase! I had planned to purchase the Musso 4080 - a highly recommended and well reviewed gelato machine that was available from Coffee Italia. After over a year of research, saving and planning to put this into action, I was suddenly put to the test when I emailed Coffee Italia to make the purchase. Marco quickly replied and made another recommendation for the Nemox Pro 2000 which threw me off guard completely as I hadn't considered the machine at all. Information on the machine was limited due to its limited exposure online as compared to the Musso which is sold regularly in the States by Amazon. When I questioned his recommendation he gave quick response with simple and clear reasoning, and while the Musso was still a good machine that the Nemox was a stronger machine with a better compressor. So in the end I changed my decision and went with his advice and placed the order online. The UPS tracking made the delivery easy to follow as it flew across the globe and the product arrived exactly on the scheduled date. The product came very well packaged, with an additional layer of cardboard box and foam for that added protection during shipment. The power plug adapter for Australia was included and while no instructions were included to put it together my 5 year old daughter could have worked it out. I have to say as a complete noob to gelato making with only a passion for fine food, Marco's recommendation was spot on. The Nemox was in perfect working order and as exactly as described. The first batch (a pistachio Sicilian style gelato from an online recipe) churned even quicker than my expectation and we we're all instantly impressed with the quality of the machine and smooth texture it achieved. Just as good (maybe better) as any of the commercial gelateria where they heap it in those irresistible mounds of those enticing flavors. The next night we made a rich chocolate and wow, it did a amazing job of the mix that had only been made a couple of hours earlier. Many thanks to Marco, taking a gamble on his recommendation turned out to be the best thing and not a gamble at all. They obviously know what they are talking about at Coffee Italia. The communication and delivery was prompt and the product better than expected - which is rare for online. This machine is very impressive, well made and of the highest quality. I would easily recommend the Nemox Pro 2000 to anyone and Coffee Italia for their excellent service.

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