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Talk talk is all you can do because they can't do broadband and disconnect your phone

Transferring to Talk talk was the worst decision I have made in a long time. They are incompetent and inefficient and have useless customer services who, it seemsm will tell you anything to get you off the line. After three weeks with them I have had no broadband and now they have disconnected my phone line!! When I get everything sorted with a new provider I will complain to Ofcom about them.
I was given a go live date of 5th December for my phone and broadband service, the phone switched over ok but no internet or router provided. I queried this with customer services who said the router hadn't been ordered yet but it would be with me in 3 -5 working days.
No router appeared. I was told to wait one more day, no router. I phoned customer services again, it still hadn't been sent but it would be sent that day and I would receive an update on 17th December.
No router, no update on 17th . I phoned again and was told that the routers hadn't been sent because they a technical issue to resolve and I would be updated on 24th December.
I resolved to be ready to move providers in case they didn't get it sorted and asked for my MAC code. I was told they couldn't issue it because the account was frozen on the computer due to technical issues (Ofcom rules say they have to issue a MAC code within 5 days of you requesting it).
The update on 24th December didn't happen and due to Christmas I left it till 27th before I phoned for an update. I was told the orders for the routers had been cancelled and I would have to apply for a new line due to technical issues. The 'new lines' guy was as mystified as me as to what was going on as I was speaking to him on my existing line and the call ended.
I received a text to say i would be called again the next day. I was out the next day but had a message on my voicemail to say they had called but would call again within 24 hours.
When I got hone I tried to call only to find the phone was not working.
I received a call on my mobile the next morning to say my phone line had been disconeected as requested. I said I did't ask for it to be disconnected and would like it re-connected. I was tranferred to 'new lines' again.
The person there checked the account and said the report had come back to say they could not provide me with broadband and as my package was for phone and broadband it had been cancelled and my phone disconnected in spite of them having taken payment in advance until the middle of January.
I asked for my MAC code again so I could transfer my number to a new supplier. I was transferred again, I explained I wanted a MAC code, the woman told me she couldn't take calls transferred from sales and hung up on me.
I was going away for the weekend 30 minutes after this call so had no opportunity to arrange another phone supplier.
I have now contacted BT who say they will have me on line 7th January but I will have to have a new phone number as the original one is still officially with talk talk.
Anybody thinking of going to talk talk should seriously think again and avoid them at all costs. They are inefficient, incompetent and would appear to have no procedures and checks in place to make sure they can provide you with the servide they offer before they sign you up and take your money

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Virgin; A company that won't go all the way with you

We are on broadband via the phone line, no cable in our village. The internet started dropping out but switching the router off and back on re-connected it. On Monday 22nd October I tried this but the router failed and wouldn't power up again. The next evening I put the dial-up modem back on and connected it to the pc, no internet although all the lights were on the modem. I went and bought a new Netgear router and on the Saturday contacted Virgin tech support on how to set it up. We got it set up, all the lights on but no internet connection to the virgin site, after an hour the tech support told me the router was the problem and I should contact Netgear. I did this they went through all the settings and said there was nothing wrong.
I got BT to check the line and they told me there was no fault on the line.
I returned the router and went and bought another from a different shop. Same result, hours on the phone to tech support at Virgin.
I put the old dial up modem back on, still the same, called tech support who told me that the modem was old and not supported anymore and I would have to buy a new router from virgin. This arrived after hassle with Yodel.
The virgin router was no better, all the lights on, wireless network working, phone line ok, internet connected, Still no connection to the internet just came back with a message saying internet explorer cannot connect to the web page. Back to tech support for an hour or so.They gave up and said they would get another department to check out what was wrong. They left a message on my answering machine to say there was a CU17 fault on the BT line.
BT came to the house and checked the line. He said although it wasn't a problem my phone socket didn't have a capacitor in it. This would show as a fault on the Virgin check. He changed the box, tested the other box with the computer on was ok, did a line check, showed me the display saying it was ok.
I phoned virgin tech support who said they wouldn't do anything as BT hadn't signed off the fault.
I contacted BT and they signed off the fault
We are now at 14th November. I went back to tech support and after an hour they gave up and told me another department would deal with it and contact me the next day.
There was no phone call but the e-mails stopped coming in on the phone and I couldn't log on to the virgin website to pick them up either.
Today is Friday 16th November and it is pretty much 4 weeks since all this started.
It seems as if there is some sort of block on the account. everything seems to be working and connected but neither the pc via the ethernet, the i-pad via the wifi or the phone can connect.
I am seriously at a loss with all this. I want it sorted but I am not prepared to spend hours on the phone to tech support changing settings on the router when it seems clear to me that the problem is with virgin's equipment wherever that might be.
There are sections of this that I have missed out as this is long enough already, complaints to customer services etc!

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