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Take your money and sit on it

I have had a very unpleasant experience with WAE Plus. DO NOT USE.

I ordered some computer memory from their site which listed the product as in stock and ready to dispatch. So I bought it and waited for the 10 - 12 days delivery estimate, yet the product never arrived.

After the date I called up and their customer service line wastes your money by reeling off a load of truly irrelevant marketing material, given that most people ring that number to chase their V. LATE refunds and NON-EXISTANT products. The customer service lady couldn't care less about the customer, pawing me off about warehouse troubles as though that is my problem. Bad excuse if you ask me. How long does it take to extract a small product from a warehouse especially when you have listed it as in stock? Ultimately, she estimated that it would take a total of 6 weeks to perform this simple task. 6 WEEKS PEOPLE... Overall, her customer service skills were few and far between, no resolutions, no confirmation email regarding the cancellation of the order and the requested refund.

I immediately asked for a refund. That was ages ago now, and I am still waiting for it to be paid. On the tracker system for my order on the website it just says that my order has been cancelled, no note of actioning a refund or an estimate.

Very bad company people, very bad. In my view, they just take money and offer very few products. If you are lucky enough to order a product that they might be keeping in a draw under their desk then yes, you might very well receive it, but anything else, don't bother. They're crooks. Ponzi pyramid scheme right here.

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