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I recently worked for yodel as a courier and I can say the reviews are true. They don't look after their staff any better than the customers, they can't give you the tools to do such a simple job and there is little to no communication with managers.

I can't understand how they can make a simple job so hard. I was delivering out of my car and was expected to pick up 2 big televisions from a house when a yodel van driver was going around the same area delivery small items! Never quite understood how that worked. They took 3 weeks before sending me a hand-held device but with no charger! They asked me to do an extra round but didn't give me a manifest ( printed list) of addresses to deliver to and didn't put the calls on the computer system to log the how was I meant to do it? They
didn't even give me those call cards for when you're out for at least a week and I had to get some of other people. They just cannot get simple things right, very bad organisation, very poor communication......VERY POOR COMPANY!

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