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Excellent service

Wide variety of plants to choose from. Shipping cost is excellent value, plants are very well packed up for postage...hours of fun undoing it all. I received healthy looking plants, which were a good size, with which I am very pleased. Recommended.

Good, but...

could improve on delivery time, another supplier with whom I have purchased the same products provide a much faster service.

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Have ordered twice from this company, with no complaints. A hiccup with an item damaged on delivery was dealt with swifly & efficiently. Would use again.


It is expensive returning items to Ecco

I ordered two pairs of boots which had to be returned, was informed I could no longer return them to stores; of which there are several in London. I have previously shopped with Ecco Online & providing the shop stocked the item was able to obtain a refund. Therefore had to return via Airmail, to the tune of almost £17, which is non refundable. Very costly, very annoyed. Do NOT shop with Ecco Online. Am only giving two stars as nobody was rude.

16 November 2012

Reply from ECCO SKO A/S

Dear ms. Usher,

We appreciate the time you have taken to write a review about us. We hope you were satisfied with the delivery. Trustpilot offers us the platform to see the frustrations you might have regarding our shopping experience. We can use this feedback to improve our service and assist you better in the future.

If you would receive by any unfortunate chance a faulty item, we of course will provide you with the means to return this package to us free of charge.

We have received an order where you ordered the same shoe in size 34 and 35. We try to prevent these circumstance as much as possible. We understand very much that online shopping can be difficult, because of this we would like the customer to possess as much information as possible before they make a sale. ECCO offers a size guide, product descriptions and pictures from multiple angles. With this information we hope you can order the right size up front and can make a well informed decision. If you feel like you cannot make a good decision with the information provided you can always contact our customer service who will try very hard to give an appropriate solution and make your experience the best online experience.

We hope for your understanding regarding this matter as ordering multiple sizes with the intention of possibly keeping one is costly for us, denies the opportunity for another customer to buy the right size and is also costly for the environment.

If you have any questions or remarks regarding this review, please do not hesitate to contact me personally (my details are provided below).

My best regards and I wish you a pleasant weekend.

Jeffrey Janse
Customer Support
00800 3226 7467


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