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Sceptical at first, very happy at the end

I did a lot of online research before making my purchase (an Argent Sofa Bed) and after reading a lot of negative reviews I became really sceptical about placing an order. At the end I decided to take the risk and it turns out that my experience was absolutely fabulous and possibly one of my best purchases ever.

1. The sofa arrived 3 weeks before the estimated delivery time.
2. The courrier was helpful and willing to call me an hour before arrival (so I didn't have to take a day off).
3. The sofa itself is lovely, sturdy and exactly as described, way better looking than all the IKEA sofas and excellent value.

Will be using them again and from my experience I can only recommend to all the other low budget design lovers out there.


Ridiculous policies and bad costumer support

The fun started when I was abroad (Belgium) last weekend and I noticed that I had no reception at all. Just because of this I wasn't able to text my connections and get to my appointments in time. It took me a while to find out that you manually need to active your phone to use it abroad (and I'm not talking about roaming / data, I'm talking about general phone usage (text - phone).

Three's policy is that you need to wait 60 days before you can activate this. Which feels like a serious blocker to me as I travel almost weekly. After all these frustrations I was hoping that costumer service would help me out but after waiting 30 minutes I ended up talking to a rude guy who wasn't able to help me at all (and just parroting these idiotic policies). Apparently the reason why they did this is to protect costumers from overspending abroad. I'd be ok with it if they disable data roaming but why the hell do you need to disable general phone usage? I think every sensible human being knows that calling abroad is expensive.

Hello Three,
I bought a phone in order to be able to contact people when I'm not home, I guess people tend to leave the UK from time to time, this I just a ridiculous policy forcing me to switch to a more reasonable provider who cares about costumers.

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